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Conference speakers

Hear from the experts.

Reimagine 2020 welcomes an exciting lineup up of speakers sharing their inspiring stories, expert advice, and best practices.

Keynote speakers
Conga + Apttus: What It Means to Be Better Together

Hear from Conga’s CEO, Frank Holland, on how the combination of the two powerhouses help companies on their journey to commercial excellence.The combined company has a single-minded focus on helping customers achieve digital transformation so they can work at the speed of their customers. Get an inside look at how Conga will continue to deliver innovation and provide world-class service and support in the most complete offering available on the market to achieve commercial excellence - positioning customers for success.

Conga’s Promise to Your Business | Part One

Join Conga’s Director of Customer Success, Lee Mills, to hear about our commitment to our customers at the all-new Conga. We’re committed to improving how people do business. We understand that game-changing tech comes from empowered teams. And we put our customers’ success first. Passionate about customer experience, Lee believes Customer Success isn’t a one size fits all motion - it should be tailored to the individual customer needs. Get insight into how Conga is working to integrate global teams to ensure that customer experience remains a key focus and how customers can benefit from the combined organization. 

Conga’s Promise to Your Business | Part Two

Hear from Aishling Finnegan, Conga's Digital Transformation Officer, to learn how she works with customers and partners on their transformation programs. As our expert in Digital Transformation, she will show you what Digital Transformation means for your business today. This is your chance to find out how you can be driving peak commercial performance across the revenue operations process of your business and an opportunity to scope and determine where your business is on Conga’s Maturity Model.

Partner Keynotes

SalesBlink – Developing Quick Twitch Responses to Rapidly Changing Sales Environments

While you can’t predict the market, you can ensure your business is equipped to handle inevitable change. Join Bing C. Mei, Technology Director at Accenture, for a discussion about some of the ways Accenture is helping its clients build the responsive Quote-to-Cash systems and processes necessary to deal with today’s ever evolving and uncertain business conditions.

Speakers: Bing C. Mei, Technology Director, Accenture


Accelerate Middle Office Transformation with ROVeR

As companies start the “Recovery” phase post-COVID, the Middle Office will be the fulcrum to spring board the return to profitability while addressing new market dynamics and challenges. Join Gautam Mehra, Sr. Manager with Deloitte’s Quote-to-Cash practice, as he talks about how Deloitte has developed the ROVeR framework to drive accelerated transformation for the Middle Office and helped their customers not only recover, but thrive in this new economic reality.

Speaker: Gautam Mehra, Senior Manager, Deloitte

Reimagining Work with Salesforce & Conga

Salesforce's EVP and GM of AppExchange Woodson Martin and Conga’s CEO Frank Holland talk about change in 2020 and how Salesforce and Conga reimagine how work is done.

Speakers: Woodson Martin, EVP and GM AppExchange, Salesforce and Frank Holland, Chief Executive Officer, Conga


How Partners Make Excellence Possible for Customers During Business Transformation

Join Sawan Deswal, Conga's VP of Global Alliances and Partners, as he shares how to accelerate your business transformation by engaging with the right Conga partner at the right time. Learn more about Conga’s partner engagement strategy, driven by the business transformation journey of successful customers. You'll take away real world examples of strategic partners helping customers digitally transform their commercial operations.

Speaker: Sawan Deswal, VP of Global Alliances and Partners


Enabling Seamless Buying Experiences Via Middle Office Transformation

Praniti Lakhwara, Conga's CIO, joins PwC’s Ally Millar for a keynote address and discussion on creating a seamless buying experience in XaaS transformations. PwC’s approach leverages an end-to-end review and design from discover to renew centering on three lenses of focus: market changes, customer experience, and finally making it real through technology.

Speakers: Ally Millar, QTC & Cloud Technologies Lead, PwC and Praniti Lakhwara, Chief Information Officer, Conga