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Revenue operations solutions for technology leaders

Crush technology complexities

Most high-tech companies transformed to selling services in addition to core technology. While providing agile and customized customer experiences is vital, so is operational efficiency. Conga helps high tech service companies close deals faster, make buying easier, and simplify the way business documents and agreements get done. 

Free up time to focus on innovation

  • Accelerate your revenue by closing deals faster

    When you make buying easier, customers will keep coming. Streamline the paperwork process behind signing, provisioning, using, and renewing your services. Provide your customers with the right form, document, or contract when and where they need it, and in record time—making the experience of buying your services quick and painless for everyone.   

  • Control your costs and get more done

    Reduce your dependency on paperwork and automate even the most complex workflows from set up, provisioning, billing, and accounts payable or receivable. Improve the operations associated with selling and maintaining your services and free up your staff to drive deals and business outcomes that you need to make your business thrive.  

  • Keep legal happy with private and accurate contracts

    Store forms, documents, and agreements in a secure cloud environment. Maintain a detailed audit trail for every document with timed details about who participated in the workflow and approval process. Encrypt documents to maintain customer privacy and secure all transactions with Conga’s GDPR compliant solutions. 

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Solving technology headaches

Streamline complex quoting

Sales teams easily and quickly send correct quotes to land deals with Conga’s CPQ solution. It’s simple to put together even the most complicated pricing of products and packages with Conga.

Approve with speed

There’s no room to waste time, money, and labor on slow processes. With Conga’s workflow management solutions to automate processes for tech companies, you can free up time to focus on business goals. 

Stay organized and compliant

You can’t create innovative technology if your business is moving slowly or is exposed to risk. Conga CLM empowers your organization to manage contracts effectively, so that you don’t waste time on outdated contracting processes.

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