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Streamline financial processes for a Revenue Advantage

Eliminate financial bottlenecks in the agreement process and get paid faster than ever.

Expedite revenue recognition 

Every finance department operates around agreements, approvals, signoffs, and revenue recognition. With Conga, you accelerate invoicing and billing, purchase orders, collections, and more. Get real-time visibility into every in-process agreement as well as an audit trail with artificial intelligence around every completed agreement. 

  • Contract insights for revenue recognition


    Reduce payouts due to underperformance on contract obligations and catch auto-renewals before they happen.

  • Invoices

    Bring in predictable revenue by automating the invoicing process to easily request payments.

  • Pricing optimization 

    Define multiple price types and apply discounting rules for any product while ensuring margin protection.

  • Compliance and audit sign-offs 

    Streamline your audit compliance processes with an industry-leading process automation and audit trail solution.

  • Revenue forecasting 

    Project future revenue and forecast with confidence.

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Improvement in proposal efficiency


Decrease in financial action plan creation time


Of manual work hours saved annually


Reduction in the quote approval process


Increase in operational efficiency

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