Negotiate and execute 

Join industry leaders who use Conga to crush complexity and provide certainty with cutting-edge contract management solutions. 

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Master contract negotiations

Improve your revenue operations using Conga’s contract lifecycle management solutions to achieve efficiency and gain strategic insights. Streamline both internal and external communication and collaboration on contracts, increasing visibility throughout the entire process. Lower your risk with industry-leading AI to execute obligations and key dates.

Expedite compliant contract management  

  • Generate contracts with ease

    Take advantage of Conga’s industry-leading CLM capabilities. Empower your sales team to get contracts to customers faster, allowing your legal team to focus on more complex projects while ensuring contracts are compliant and up to date. 

  • Negotiate with confidence

    Contract administrators can easily manage complex negotiation cycles with clause and contract templates. Speed up the sales cycle while utilizing clause libraries and online contract collaboration to efficiently negotiate and redline.

  • Approve and sign with ease

    Speed up the contracting processes by automating tasks for submitting, reviewing, collaborating, and, ultimately, approving contracts in a highly predictable manner, all while ensuring compliance and creating visibility. From there, move to your contract approval process with an easily accessible modern eSignature solution that you can use anytime, anywhere. 

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Simplify negotiations like a pro 

Turn a delicate minefield of a process into a smooth, well-oiled machine. Check out our common use cases to learn how you can use Conga to up-level your negotiations. 

Conga Revenue Lifecycle Cloud

Conga Revenue Lifecycle Cloud enables companies to manage and negotiate on contracts, increasing visibility throughout the entire process. With our contract management solutions, you’ll execute processes to streamline both internal and external communication and collaboration to standardize, automate, and accelerate your contracts at scale. 

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Win with automated deal cycles 

Accelerate negotiations

Expedite cycles by providing the right access to the contract process at the right time. From request to signatures, including amendments and renewals, Conga guides users and automates routine steps, enabling your team to minimize errors while optimizing efficiency.

Visibility = compliance

Conga’s industry-leading AI capabilities capture and transform complex contract data into proactive alerts and tasks that ensure you never miss an obligation or milestone. Conga’s solutions empower everyone involved with key insights and enforce compliance to mitigate risk.

Close deals faster

Utilize automation and alerts to keep deals ahead of schedule. Built-in redlining and online contract collaboration capabilities (OCC) help you manage version control. Automate complex approval workflows to accelerate deal cycles from contract creation to eSignature execution.

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