Renew and expand 

Proactive renewals to build and sustain new and existing customer relationships  

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Renew with confidence 

Business viability is both a function of acquiring new customers and, more importantly, retaining them. Conga’s renew and expand solutions provide an automated process for the creation and execution of renewals, leading to higher rates and delighted customers. With a single source of truth, you have better visibility into your data to know which accounts are coming up for renewal.

Extend your customer lifecycle 

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Conga’s Revenue Lifecycle Cloud

Conga Revenue Lifecycle Cloud enables companies to manage the renew and expand process to focus more on the customer experience and revenue-generating activities, and less on processes and paperwork. Business viability is both a function of acquiring new customers and, more importantly, retaining them. 

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Maximize customer renewals

Improve renewal rates 

A poor customer experience leads to a higher churn rate. Proactively and automatically send renewal communications, deadlines, and contracts to your customers on time with the correct data to get more wins and retain revenue.

Upsell and cross-sell 

With automated solutions, your team can utilize data and analytics to see cross-sell and upsell activities with your renewal customer base, allowing them to bring more revenue into the business.

Higher NPS 

Automating your renewal process allows you to provide a renewal experience that’s as good as your products. Be more efficient and provide better service for your customers while improving your net promoter scores (NPS).

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Talk to our team about how Conga’s renew and expand solutions assist in automating and completing the renewal cycle, all while identifying opportunities to expand your business.

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