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Healthcare simplified

Improve the patient and provider experience from coverage to care.

Crush healthcare complexity 

The changing dynamics of the healthcare sector are compelling payers and providers to rethink their operations by streamlining the process, reducing costs, and improving customer communication. Conga allows you to improve your operational efficiency, business agility, and patient experiences, all while managing the risks of delivering healthcare.

Deliver better patient care, treatment, and therapy experiences 

  • More time for patients, less for paperwork

    Streamline patient enrollment, onboarding, claims processing and billing while maintaining HIPAA compliance. Train, onboard, credential healthcare providers, and capture signatures on vital provider agreements—securely and quickly.

  • Execute and monitor contracts

    Dynamically generate contracts with providers and other healthcare partners. Create and maintain fee/reimbursement schedules based on provider location and specialty. Support budget and supply chain initiatives with 3rd party contract ingestion.

  • Deliver organizational security

    Maintain an audit trail with timed details about who participated in the workflow and approval process. Encrypt documents to maintain patient and physician privacy and secure transactions with Conga’s HIPAA and GDPR compliant solutions suite.

Nurse speaking to patient
Nurse speaking to patient

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Healthcare is too important to let operational inefficiencies stand in your way. Check out our healthcare resources to learn how to overcome common industry challenges.

Solving healthcare headaches

Offer convenience

Build trust with every patient and provider interaction. Deliver a secure, digital, and mobile friendly experience for your patients and providers on beautifully branded documents and contracts that meet their immediate needs.

Lower costs

Streamline documents in bulk including patient intake, consent forms, and back-office contracts. Create efficiencies that scale and reduce overhead while ensuring compliance. Auto-generate simple contracts like NDAs.

Automate processes

Serve patients with urgency and align operational functions to reduce manual work. Worry less about the process and instead focus on helping the patient. Mass create contracts based on state regulations and network growth.

Provider agreements 

Expanding your provider network can improve access to care and increase operational efficiency. But onboarding new providers and managing ongoing agreements can be time consuming. Learn how Conga CLM can eliminate inefficient processes and streamline every step of your complex provider contracts. 

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