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Manage healthcare documents seamlessly

Focus on higher-quality care with healthcare document management

Streamline processes and collaboration

Conga solutions help you to better manage documents and contracts processes, freeing up resources so you can focus on higher-quality, more affordable care. Medical document management streamlines administrative processes, improves Affordable Care Act (ACA) compliance, and keeps information up-to-date.

Contract management solutions

An effective, comprehensive contract management solution empowers your teams to collaborate while providing greater visibility and control. Manage provider performance against contractual obligations, and more, with Conga CLM.

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Healthcare document management

Effectively create and manage the volumes of documents that healthcare and life sciences professionals work with every day. Conga Composer helps reduce workload and ensure compliance with patient records, insurance forms, onboarding documents, and more. 

Improve internal visibility

Conga Grid offers powerful ways to manage and update Salesforce data and records and streamline administrative tasks. Act on multiple records at once, and  search, filter, and sort various data points in a single grid view.

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Transform quoting processes

Cut down on the time sellers spend creating complex quotes with Conga CPQ. Scale your process while reducing time spent quoting complex products and packages. Evolve the way you sell and create a better customer experience.

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