Taranaki District Health Board streamlined its contracts with Conga

Taranaki implements Conga Contracts CLM, simplifying workflow while ensuring consistency and real-time reporting capabilities.

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The Taranaki District Health Board is the key health provider in its region of New Zealand. Serving an aging population, it governs all public hospitals and health-related services to the community, including district nursing and public health education. The board contracts with a wide variety of third-party health service providers, and controls an annual budget of $280 million.


Approximately 500 contracts required managing, and different departments managed their contracts and processes in different ways, with varying degrees of success. Failure at any point in the process could compromise service coverage across the region. Secure storage of contract records and their associated documentation was quickly becoming a problem, and hard copies of contracts were located in various cabinets and offices across the entire organization.

The health board determined that they needed a comprehensive system that enabled monitoring, reporting and auditing of their contracts. One key requirement was for a systemic reminder function to help managers know when a contract needed reviewing, renewing and follow-up.


  • Conga Contracts℠ provided a fully integrated contract lifecycle management system
  • Real-time reporting capabilities
  • Specific configurations by department and user
  • Ability to develop and house standard clauses
  • Ability to develop policies and process workflows with standardized approvals


After implementing Conga Contracts Contract Management, the Taranaki team was able to develop centralized contracting procedures and policies to ensure consistency and to greatly simplify their work.

Users can readily access their documentation from any internet browser, without the need to touch hard copy records, and storage for thousands of physical files and records has been significantly reduced for two of the major contracting areas (Planning & Funding and Hospital & Specialist Services).

Annual contract renewals and processing are significantly improved, and outstanding tasks are automatically identified for completion. Regular performance monitoring and reporting is easily managed by running a report out of the system itself.

“The reporting functionality has been a godsend. The health board is required by the New Zealand Official Information Act to provide information on every single contract, service, or other document we hold. Rather than a lengthy physical search, this is now a mere press of the button.”

Brian Gubb
Senior Manager Performance and Contracts
Taranaki District Health Board

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