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Maximizing operational efficiencies 

Utilize every second to land and expand business opportunities

Perfect every step of the sales cycle 

Every stage of the sales process touches business operations. Ensure that processes are automated and simplified, that reporting and communication is accomplished quickly, and that deals and contract values are maximized. 

  • Revenue reports

    Every company relies on reporting to show the health of their business. Automatically generate reports without manual, tedious work.

  • Contract insights

    Accurately extract and organize contract data, allowing you to act on critical dates, terms, and clauses to capture opportunities, meet obligations, control spending, and mitigate risks.

  • Guided selling

    Leverage the sales processes of your top sellers to increase win rates across all accounts.

  • Approval management

    Set up approvals on pricing, discounting, promotions, contract terms, agreement clauses, and more. 

  • Forecasting

    Project future revenue to understand what accounts need nurturing and which are likely to renew.

Twilio embarks on Conga Platform for CPQ

Through their transformational journey with Conga’s Platform for CPQ, Twilio unlocks opportunities around expanded processing power, larger bundles and more options for sales to auto select products in the cart. 

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Hours saved creating proposals, quotes, and renewals


Decrease in project and status updates


Increase in contract volume


Conversion rate for Conga Contracts


Decrease in contract creation time

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