Equinix cuts contract cycle time from 14 days to 90 minutes with Conga

Conga CLM helps Equinix connect legal and sales with a global process design 
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Equinix, Inc. connects businesses with partners and customers worldwide through a global platform of data centers. Equinix connects approximately 4000 customers, across the Americas, Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA), and Asia-Pacific. 


Equinix's manual contracting processes were not easily integrated into the sales process, resulting in inconsistent contracts across the company. This lead to a number of challenges:

  • Long and messy sales cycles didn't support global efforts
  • Email approvals led to inefficient use of the contracting system
  • No connection between contracts and sales process
  • Customers and reps unable to track redlines and revisions
  • Separate and time-consuming margin analysis
  • Inconsistent brand uniformity

By using Conga X-Author, our staff can quickly respond to customer requests whilst using familiar Microsoft Office documents. All data entry is centrally preserved and controlled by our CRM, enabling our internal teams as well as our customers to readily access accurate information. As a result, we can better assure quality, not only in the quotes but also in the billing process.

Brian Lillie


In search of creating a seamless and connected sales process that integrated contract management, Equinix chose Conga. Effective use of Conga templates has reduced risk of human error by 70% during the contracting process. Real-time dashboards deliver visibility into every stage of the contract lifecycle, such as the number of contracts created and how many are in review. Using Conga CLM, Equinix automated their global contract management in a single system. The company sees everyone on the Conga team as supporting the Equinix mission, delivering value to their customers.

The X-Author technology helped bring the legal team into the 'front office' with the sales team like never before. This connectivity and empowerment across the entire business is powerful and has positively
impacted our business operations.

Brian Lillie

Business results

  • Reduced contract lifecycle time (14 days to 90 minutes)
  • Eliminated duplications and data re-entry
  • Smoother contract process
  • Reduced risk and contract errors
  • Happier customers and employees
  • 70% of business conducted from standardized templates

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