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Empower tech. Gain a Revenue Advantage.

Enable your IT team to help your business 
unlock the full potential of your revenue lifecycle and achieve a Revenue Advantage.

Any CRM. Any ERP. Any Cloud. 

With integrations for the entire revenue ecosystem, Conga’s Revenue Lifecycle Management platform allows teams across all departments to run at new speeds, operate with full integrity, elevate performance, improve security, and eliminate silos. 

  • Eliminate data silos across teams

    Integrate disparate systems, ensuring data consistency and accessibility.

  • Enhance security and revenue recognition

    Simplify complex processes, strengthen data protection, reduce risk, and ensure compliance.

  • Automate contract management

    Streamline contract creation, reducing time and errors for your organization. 

  • Improve document automation

    Automate custom document creation to boost efficiency and improve customer interactions. 

  • Improve Salesforce utilization

    Maximize CRM investment, enhancing user adoption and ROI. 

ENGIE automates revenue lifecycle with Conga

ENGIE revolutionized its global sales process by implementing Conga CPQ, Conga Composer, and Conga Sign to achieve a fully paperless lifecycle, removing friction points between people and processes across their business. 

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