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Conga Inspire Award winners: efficiency 

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There are too many things to do in a day. We recognize the companies that take those numerous tasks and automates them away with Conga solutions leaving their employees to focus on the important things.  

Your 2023 Conga Inspire Award winners in efficiency: 

T-Mobile 2023 Inspire Awards Winner

1. T-Mobile: Dish Divestiture & Decommissioning Program  

T-Mobile is a provider of telecommunication services and a host of other services, including voice, text messaging, video calling, and data communications. T-Mobile is a long-time Conga customer, and their Divest and Decom project has vastly exceeded expectations and met goals in record time. They currently utilize a dozen Conga solutions for six different use cases daily in their Salesforce instance, as well as two different Conga Grid cases.   

Conga products: Conga Composer and Conga Grid 

Achievements: T-Mobile uses Conga for a massive number of contracts, notices, letters, and special situations. Implementing Conga solutions has resulted in a huge increase in efficiency and time saved, allowing them to achieve their goals much faster than expected.   

 T-Mobile has benefited from using a sophisticated letter generation process that looks at a variety of factors across numerous objects (lease negotiation, lease termination, lease abstract, user, and accounts), considers specific fields and the values of those fields, and reviews up to four different record types. The automated process then generates a tailored template to store within Salesforce and their library within seconds.   

 Key outcomes:  

  • A minimum of a 10-minute improvement for each record   
  • Hours of work saved per day for each divestiture site through automation  
  • Work is now able to proceed much faster than anticipated  
  • Leasing work has exceeded all expectations  


Moody's Analytics 2023 Inspire Awards Winner

2. Moody’s Analytics  

Moody's Analytics provides financial intelligence and analytical tools supporting clients' growth, efficiency, and risk management objectives.  

Conga products: Conga CPQ, Conga CLM, and Conga Grid 

Achievements: With Conga CPQ, CLM, Order Management, and Grid, Moody’s Analytics reduced their development cycle from three months to three weeks—significantly increasing ROI. They went from SKU creation to consolidation by 75% to a more attribute-based model. They also developed enhancements to reduce the number of clicks by 80% and reduce quoting process by more than 30 minutes.   

 Key outcomes: Moody's Analytics automated pricing and improved visibility for sales managers, enabling faster quote approvals. They also:  

  •  Launched a new Approval Center which delivers quote approvals within 12-24 hours​  
  • Added new approval level, so fewer approvals are routed to regional managers ​  
  • Established backup/delegate approvers, so quotes aren't stuck in pending when the original approver is out of office​  
  • Implemented optimization features and automation, which reduced offline data maintenance (emails/Excel sheets) and manual calculations​ by 80%  
  • Improved cross-selling of products and pricing accuracy  

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