Conga Grid

Conga Grid is a productivity tool in Salesforce that allows you to manage data from a single screen

Data management optimized 

A constant across revenue lifecycle management is the effort to make the way that we do business more efficient. Being able to visualize data in a more effective manner allows you to make quicker, more informed decisions on what actions to take around your proposals, contracts, bills, and renewals. 

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Conga Grid features

  • Increase productivity 

    Do all your work from our grid. Spend less time updating Salesforce and more time on high-value activities.

  • Data visibility 

    Conga Grid empowers you to quickly navigate, visualize, and manage Salesforce data across multiple objects from a single grid.

  • Easy data updates 

    Simplify data management for clean, accurate data using multi-tab grids, Excel-like inline editing, and mass updates.

  • Live grid 

    Receive notifications of field updates from others and get a live view of what teammates are working on at any moment.

  • Advanced insights 

    Gain complete data visibility in a single view for analytics, better sales, and pipeline management.

Easily manage and analyze Salesforce data

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Less time spent updating information in Salesforce


Increase in pipeline forecast accuracy


Records that can be updated simultaneously


Average review on Salesforce AppExchange


Clicks saved on updates and automated system responses

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End-to-end support on Conga Grid

With support from Conga Services, Conga Community, and our technical team, we’re able to support our customers and to solve any Grid questions that come up along the way.

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Conga Grid plays well with others.

Conga’s products are purpose-built to work together seamlessly, so you can automate and streamline commercial operations end-to-end.

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