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Life sciences simplified 

Improve patient accessibility to life-sustaining and life-saving treatments.

Reduce the complexity of life sciences 

The changing dynamics of the life sciences sector are motivating medical device and pharmaceutical manufacturers to rethink their operations by streamlining processes, reducing costs, and improving customer communication. Conga enables you to improve your operational efficiency, business agility, and patient experiences, all while managing the challenges of delivering healthcare.  

Boost communication, improve margins, lower risks

  • Maximize revenue and margins 

    Simplify the complexity of selecting and configuring the correct products for your customers. Assist your sales representatives in finding a winning price. Deliver perfect proposals that include not only price and terms, but valuable information about your products.   

  • Execute and monitor contracts

    Dynamically generate contracts with GPOs, IDNs, PBMs, suppliers, distributors, and hospitals. Create and maintain price, rebate, outcomes-based, and other unique agreements. Support budget and supply chain initiatives with 3rd party contract ingestion.  

  • More time on patients, less on paperwork 

    Expedite communications required to support the unique requirements of specialty drugs, implantables and wearables. Deliver personalized emails and instructions to patients and providers. Support processes include assignment of benefits, adverse events, patient training, and provider onboarding.   

Lab technicians using Conga products on tablet
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Outcomes-based agreements 

Outcomes-based agreements can increase market access to lifesaving treatments and drugs, but their specialized nature creates unique challenges. Learn how Conga CLM streamlines every step of your complex provider contracts to improve operational efficiency, reduce costs, and mitigate risk. 

Streamline contract processes for Clinical Trials

Everyday challenges like manual systems, poor internal visibility, and non-standardized agreements can slow down clinical trials and delay approvals. Learn how Conga CLM automates even the most complex contract processes across geographies, therapeutic classes, and trial stages.  

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Enabling timely delivery of therapeutics 

Streamline revenue

Utilize product recommendations to increase cart sizes. Deliver deal guidance to sales representatives at deal times. Increase win rates by delivering unique pricing and rebate programs to the marketplace.

Lower costs

Auto-generate simple contracts, like NDAs. Optimize approvals, workflows, and signatures across the contract lifecycle. Produce documents in bulk, including patient intake forms, consent forms, and back-office contracts.

Automate processes

Serve patients and providers with urgency while aligning operational functions and reducing manual work. Mass create contracts based on government and business requirements. Worry less about the process and focus on patients instead.

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