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Eliminate friction. Accelerate the contracting process.

Automate workflows, redline with ease, and approve contract language in a flash

Going from zero to hero

Eliminate the legal bottleneck in your contracting process and speed up contract creation, redlining, and approvals, all while ensuring contract compliance. Your sales team will love you!  

  • Master Services Agreements (MSAs)

    Improve control of high-transaction processes like negotiations, amendments, and other sources of contract risk. Manage contractual obligations and drive efficiency with intelligent discovery and smart search.

  • Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) 

    Quickly generate and send NDAs for signature that protect your business and accelerate safe information sharing between parties.

  • Clause management

    Reduce legal involvement in standard contracts with pre-approved terms stored in clause library.

  • Outsourcing agreements 

    Ensure faster and frictionless outsourcing agreements with automation while managing business and compliance risk with standardization.

  • Vendor contracts

    Automate the vendor contract process with document generation, collaboration, workflows, and a central agreement repository. 

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Decrease in time needed to create and execute complex contracts


Increase in contract volume


Contract conversion rate


Increase in speed of contract reporting


Increase in contract transparency and user adoption

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