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Conga CLM

Optimize highly complex contracting processes

Mitigate risk, reduce friction, and empower business at scale 

Conga CLM provides an end-to-end contract lifecycle management solution built within Salesforce. Automate highly complex contracting processes that span geographies, multiple departments, and both buy and sell side contracts.  It empowers everyone involved in contracting process, increases contract visibility, and enforces compliance to mitigate risk. 

Remove friction in your sales cycle 

From request to amendment through renewal, Conga CLM automates every step of your contract lifecycle.  Give the right teams ownership over contract processes, ensure information is up-to-date, and easily track statuses to quickly identify and resolve bottlenecks. 

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Built for the complex 

Conga CLM handles the most complex processes and was built for enterprise-wide, multi-departmental use. Multiple workflows with multiple reviewers, highly amended contracts with complicated negotiations, and contracts that need input from multiple people in multiple departments are no problem. 

Standardize to mitigate risk 

Keep up-to-date clause libraries and language for consistent, professional looking contracts. Compliance is ensured with standard workflows and required approvals, which all kick off at the click of a button with easy contract generation. 

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Manage legacy and 3rd party contracts effortlessly 

Use AI and Machine Learning to ingest legacy and 3rd party contracts to uncover new insights.  Track and compare 3rd party contracts, map the data to Salesforce fields for reconciliation, and identify which clauses should be saved in the clause library to manage risk and optimize revenue. 

Powerful features to streamline contract management

  • Contract creation

    Create professional contracts quickly

  • Central repository

    Manage all contracts in a single place

  • Clause library 

    Easily put a contract together

  • Negotiation tools 

    Minimize risk with pre-approved language

  • Uncover insights 

    Bring 3rd party and legacy contracts into Salesforce

  • Integrations  

    Bring in data from your CPQ, ERP, and more

  • Synchronized data  

    Changes are reflected across all agreements

  • eSignature 

    Integrate with leading eSignature tools for easy signing

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Working with Conga as our only contract management solution, we’ll be able to manage fewer templates and create a truly one-stop portal for self-service contracts.

Marie Pilon
Contract and Legal Operations Analyst

Conga CLM plays well with others.

Conga’s products are purpose-built to work together seamlessly, so you can automate and streamline commercial operations end-to-end.

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