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Conga CLM

Modern contract management for a digital world

Contract management at every stage of business

Conga CLM empowers you to tackle and manage your contracting processes with ease. If you are just dipping your toes into contracting or have a mature contract management process you want to take to the next level, Conga CLM has you covered.

Streamline contract processes

Give the right teams ownership over contract processes and access to every team that needs it to move contract cycles faster. Ensure information is up-to-date and easily track statuses to quickly identify and resolve bottlenecks. 

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More time to get things done

Spend less time on administrative work with Conga CLM. Set up a clause library, complete with clause bundles, to quickly create strong, standardized contracts. Plus, templates offer professional contracts with a single click.

Powerful features to streamline contract management

  • Central repository

    to manage all contracts in a single place.

  • Contract templates

    help create professional contracts quickly.

  • Clause library

    makes it easy to put contracts together.

  • Integration

    into other systems - CPQ, ERP, and more.

  • Negotiation tools

    to minimize risk and increase compliance.


The sales team says it’s faster, easier… we’ve heard nothing but positive feedback since we launched Conga CLM.

Dena Cicero
Director of the Contract Management Office
CDI Corporation

Conga CLM plays well with others.

Conga’s products are purpose-built to work together seamlessly, so you can automate and streamline commercial operations end-to-end.

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