Workflow solutions for manufacturing

Smoother processes and faster deals with workflow management solutions

We help you work smarter, not harder

We all know manual processes are inefficient and risky for business. So how to create more efficient operations and maintain personalization, accuracy, and compliance? With our workflow management solutions, streamline processes for quoting, contracts, orders, and billing, without exhausting precious resources.

Ensure compliance and accuracy

Business—and revenue—flow better with comprehensive contract management. Conga CLM empowers manufacturers to automate contract negotiations and approvals, streamlining the contract lifecycle without compromising visibility and control. 


Manage orders across all channels

Gain full control of multi-channel orders and post-order processes with Conga Order Management. With real-time order visibility, ensure the right products, subscriptions, and services make it to your customers by the expected delivery date.

Streamline every deal

Conga CPQ delivers complex, accurate quotes quickly. No matter how sophisticated your pricing, products, and services are, your team will be able to drive sales with streamlined quoting, decreasing the time it takes to close.


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