Mitsubishi HC Capital America pivots, flexes, and grows with Conga Composer 

Conga Composer improves processes and increases efficiency, helping the company scale 

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A commercial finance company, Mitsubishi HC Capital America provides lending solutions to businesses and entrepreneurs, helping customers get the equipment and financing they need to run their businesses. As the company grows, it is focused on continuous improvement with an aim to use innovative technology to increase efficiency and streamline workflows. 

Growing pains

Mitsubishi HC Capital America processes a significant quantity of documents, and each transaction has different paperwork requirements. As such, the company strives to continually optimize its document creation, merging, and management with integrated business tools.  

As a newly integrated company with 800 employees, Mitsubishi HC Capital America was processing an increased amount of documents with varying requirements that fluctuated with business growth, new markets, and updated regulations. This compelled internal teams to create or modify forms to meet updated business needs and implement those changes as quickly as possible.  

Mitsubishi HC Capital America experimented with several document management solutions, each with varying benefits and tools. As the company grew, it reached a point where a more comprehensive, automated, and integrated solution would be necessary to meet the financing needs of their dealers, brokers, and/or clients in a timely manner.  

Additionally, Mitsubishi HC Capital America utilizes Salesforce and needed a solution that would easily integrate with the platform to automate document templates and data merges. Technology that could speed up its response to document requests would result in greater customer satisfaction and a higher number of processed transactions.  

The final component for selecting a new solution was one that was simple enough for the IT team to manage and for users to operate themselves without relying on programmers to put document packages together.   


To meet its goals for efficiency and growth, Mitsubishi HC Capital America chose Conga Composer. Conga Composer lets users create system-generated documents, pulling data directly from Salesforce, packaging those documents together, and sending them with a single click. These features give the company the flexibility it needs to easily pivot and flex with changing business needs.

We looked at other products but Conga Composer was the best value and experience for our needs. Its adaptability and ease of use made it easy to create templates. It provides a really good internal user experience.

Rose Reynolds
Senior Vice President of Operations
Mitsubishi HC Capital America

Implementing Conga Composer proved to be a straightforward and efficient process. It was handled entirely in-house with support from the Mitsubishi HC Capital America IT team. The company maintains a close partnership with the Conga team, collaborating to build automation that frees up employee time. Team members can request assistance, and expect a quick response from Conga, working hand-in-hand as a partner during the process.  

With customers in several different industries, Mitsubishi HC Capital America can now assemble different document packages to suit each transaction. Conga Composer lets team members build different groupings that provide only the documents needed for a particular lending solution or industry. The documents are combined into PDFs and sent by automated email for customer signature.  

Conga Composer makes it easy to add new templates to the system for immediate use. Additionally, the user-friendly template creation and maintenance features empower business users to independently manage this task or seek minimal IT assistance. Centralizing all business templates within Salesforce enhances the organization’s oversight of branding, compliance, and risk mitigation by eliminating any outdated files stored across various platforms.  

We're always looking to improve processes to make our system the most efficient and easy to manage. When we migrated to Salesforce, Conga Composer integrated with it easily. The functionality is excellent, making it easy to implement templates and change them quickly. We like that because our business needs change from day to day.

Rose Reynolds
Senior Vice President of Operations
Mitsubishi HC Capital America

When team members receive applications for financing, they use a combination of Salesforce workflows and Conga triggers to automatically adjudicate credit approval, generate a document package, and email it to the dealer or partner. Some transactions can be approved and sent automatically by pulling data from Salesforce — without any team member intervention.

Conga Composer has reduced the process down to a single click. Implementing the system with Salesforce makes it easier for business users to do their jobs, without worrying about extra paperwork.  

As Mitsubishi HC Capital America grows, Conga Composer has the ability to scale along with it. The solution has the flexibility and customization to adapt to business expansion, making it easy for the company to adjust processes, users, and applications as needed. Due to its flexibility and speed, Conga Composer has been rolled out to all teams and dealers to improve their workflows. 

Business outcomes

  • Reduced processes down to a single click
  • Replaced manual workflows with automation that increases efficiency across multiple business units
  • Simple integration with Salesforce  
  • Automation allows customers to receive documents more quickly, increasing overall customer satisfaction
  • Provides the flexibility and scalability needed to stay on top of current trends and quickly adapt to new business needs as the organization grows 

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