QuintilesIMS finds a single solution to streamline the entire contracting process in Conga CLM

QuintilesIMS achieves 75% faster approvals and 100% faster contract processing with Conga
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QuintilesIMS (formerly IMS Health) is a leading worldwide provider of information, technology, and services dedicated to making healthcare perform better. Drawing on information from 100,000 suppliers and on insights from more than 40 billion healthcare transactions processed annually, IMS Health’s 9,000+ expert resources drive results for over 5,000 healthcare clients globally.


QuintilesIMS lacked a central contract repository, causing inefficiencies, including:

  • Prolonged contract lifecycle
  • Significant contracting errors resulting from an out of date system
  • Disparate processes causing a lack of contract visibility across the company
  • Duplicate entry, process redundancies, and communication gaps

Conga was the only solution we found to meet the diverse functional needs of our finance, legal, and sales teams. Now that we have deployed Conga, we have a solution that allows customer information and activity to be seamlessly managed across the company—quote details, contract terms, and approvals are all now readily available and tracked. The ease of use and advanced usability of Conga has allowed even users not familiar with the Salesforce1 Platform to readily adopt the solution.

Christine Wiegand
Assistant General Counsel


After QuintilesIMS chose Conga, they quickly saw a decrease in duplicate data entry. They also saw a dramatic decrease in contract cycle time due to the use of pre-approved clauses and agreement templates, as well as a central repository for their sales, legal, and finance teams. Conga CLM streamlined QuintilesIMS's entire contract management process while still meeting stakeholder requirements.

Business results

  • 75% faster approval time for deals
  • 100% faster contract processing time
  • 75% increase in contract accuracy
  • 50% increase in contracting volume
  • 75% more deal flow visibility

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