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Revenue Operations Career Path: How to Climb the Ladder

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RevOps, short for Revenue Operations, is a rapidly evolving field that plays a crucial role in aligning sales, marketing, and customer success efforts for optimized revenue generation. As the demand for skilled professionals continues to grow, many aspiring individuals seek guidance on how to navigate their careers successfully within this dynamic domain.  

At Conga, we understand the significance of collective knowledge and learning from experts' experiences. That’s why Conga and RevOps Co-op surveyed 90+ RevOps professionals to gain insight into their career paths. Follow along, see where you’re at in your journey, and learn from their experiences to score points with leadership and level up in this dynamic field! 


Navigating a new career path 

Climbing the career ladder in a new field can be both exhilarating and challenging. The landscape is filled with unique complexities, and professionals must adapt to an ever-changing business environment.  

Our survey of professionals already in the field found that only a tiny percentage of individuals had more than a decade of specific RevOps experience. Interestingly, many professionals have gained their expertise within a relatively short timeframe, with the greatest concentration falling within the 1–3-year range. Before entering the field, individuals often held positions in sales, marketing and other operations roles. This data underscores the diverse backgrounds of successful professionals and highlights the accessibility of this exciting career path for individuals from various disciplines. 


Management level entry 

Considering a move to RevOps management? Here are essential tips to thrive in this dynamic field: 

  • Master CRM: Familiarize yourself with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, as 95% of managers use them to optimize revenue generation. 
  • Invest in Training: Enhance your skills with formal training. Consider enrolling in RevOps-specific courses to excel in analytics, strategic planning, and revenue processes. 
  • Excel in Pipeline Management: Efficiently manage sales opportunities and collaborate with cross-functional teams to achieve revenue success. Streamline processes for optimal results. 

As managers in RevOps, your focus revolves around essential business goals. You prioritize process improvement, better data management and the creation of predictable revenue. Additionally, streamlining systems efficiency plays a crucial role in achieving success. To elevate your career further, consider joining initiatives based on the next level up. This includes taking on additional responsibilities aligned with strategic objectives, as this proactive approach can lead to invaluable growth and advancement in the field. 


Director level entry 

Directors in this domain focus on process improvement, creating more predictable revenue, and driving Go-To-Market (GTM) efficiency. To excel in this role, consider these three tips:  

  • Bridge the Gap: As a director, you'll be the translator between sales and other departments, fostering seamless collaboration. Focus on bridging the team gap to drive alignment and ensure a cohesive approach toward revenue generation. Emphasize effective communication and cross-functional understanding to enhance efficiency and cooperation within the organization. 
  • Embrace Data-Driven Decision Making: Data management, analytics and reporting are pivotal for success. Prioritize deriving actionable insights from data to make informed decisions that drive revenue growth. Familiarize yourself with the latest reporting tools and analytics platforms to optimize your team's efficiency and uncover valuable opportunities. 
  • Cultivate a System Thinking Approach: Adopt a system thinking approach to problem-solving and process improvement. As a director in RevOps, your role involves driving efficiency and integration within and across departments. Develop operational procedures that streamline workflows and align processes, creating a well-coordinated revenue generation machine. Understanding the business and go-to-market teams, along with Salesforce expertise, will further strengthen your foundation for success in this dynamic field. 


Executive level entry 

For advanced professionals looking to enter RevOps at the executive level, it’s imperative to examine past experience and find ways to apply your existing knowledge. Consider these three tips to ensure a sold entry:   

  • Develop a Strong Tech Mindset: RevOps relies heavily on technology and data-driven insights. As an executive, familiarize yourself with the latest reporting and analytics tools, CRM systems, and data enrichment tools. Embrace a tech-savvy mindset to effectively leverage these tools in making informed decisions that drive revenue optimization and operational efficiency. 
  • Focus on GTM Efficiency and Customer Acquisition Cost Reduction: This involves creating alignment and efficiencies across marketing, sales, customer success, legal and finance departments. Emphasize collaboration between teams to improve the customer experience and maximize revenue generation. 
  • Leverage your Cross-Functional Experience: Executives often have extensive experience across various departments. Utilize your background to become a translator between sales and other teams like accounting, finance, product, systems, and operations. This ability to understand and communicate the needs of different departments will facilitate seamless collaboration and drive successful revenue operations strategies. 

With dedication and ambition, professionals can progress from individual contributors to leading large teams and contributing significantly to organizational success in the ever-evolving field. 


At Conga, we believe in empowering the community by providing valuable resources and support. Our comprehensive guide to climbing the RevOps career ladder aims to equip aspiring professionals with the knowledge and confidence they need to thrive in this dynamic field. Download the overview today! 

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