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Report: advancing a career in Revenue Operations

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Conga and RevOps Co-op surveyed 90+ RevOps pros to gain insight into their career paths. Follow along, see where you’re at in your journey, and learn from their experiences!

In this download we’ll cover:

The most common backgrounds RevOps professionals have and how they got into the field.
The key business initiatives different job levels are focused on, from executives to individual contributors.
The tools that are most leveraged day-to-day so you can prioritize training opportunities.


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RevOps is an evolving field, crucial for aligning sales, marketing, and customer success efforts to optimize revenue generation. With the demand for skilled professionals growing, many seek guidance on navigating careers in this dynamic and relatively new field.

Conga, in partnership with RevOps Co-op, conducted a survey of over 90 RevOps professionals to gain an understanding of their career development. We analyzed each job level within the RevOps function to provide insights on how to climb the RevOps ladder.

As an overview, many RevOps professionals have less than a decade of experience in the field, with most gaining RevOps experience in just 1-3 years, often transitioning from sales, marketing, or other operational roles. This highlights the accessibility of RevOps careers to individuals from diverse backgrounds.

For those considering a move into RevOps management, mastering Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems and excelling in pipeline management are crucial steps.  

Directors in RevOps are focused on bridging the gap between departments and emphasizing data-driven decision-making. They streamline workflows and align processes, ensuring a well-coordinated revenue generation system. executive-level RevOps professionals have developed a strong tech mindset with a focus on GTM efficiency and cost reduction.

For advanced professionals eyeing the executive realm of RevOps, focus on GTM efficiency and Customer Acquisition Cost reduction: This entails creating alignment and efficiencies across marketing, sales, customer success, legal, and finance departments.  

Ultimately, dedication and ambition can lead professionals to advance in the RevOps field, from individual contributors to leaders. Conga's RevOps career guide aims to empower aspiring professionals with the knowledge and confidence needed to succeed in this dynamic field.