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Conga empowers businesses to accelerate revenue with industry-leading document automation flexibility

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Conga is the #1 provider in document generation software—so you can generate any document type and execute agreements seamlessly, regardless of location or data source. Don't settle for low quality, performance, or compromise on document complexity. With Conga, execute any business process and agreement with enterprise-grade document generation and eSignature to revolutionize how you conduct business. 

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Conga Composer

Create, track, and manage on-brand, professional looking documents automatically from anywhere with data from everywhere. 

Conga Sign

Born for the top line, this economical and enterprise-grade eSignature solution is fully compatible with any CRM or ERP system. 

Improve the revenue lifecycle with automation

Don’t take our word for it—our customers tell us every day what a massive improvement our solutions have made for their teams. 

  • 93% increase

    in signature velocity 

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Automate your revenue-driving documents

Control, automate, and systemize revenue-generating processes across your business to achieve a Revenue Advantage. Check out our use cases to learn how you can supercharge your documentation process with our end-to-end solutions.   

Work where you’re already working

Conga and Salesforce work together seamlessly so you can take care of all your business in one place from one source of truth. You can use Conga within your existing Salesforce platform to get work done quickly and easily, leaving more time to focus on your customers and prospects.

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Document Generation FAQs

  • How can automated document creation improve revenue lifecycle management?

    Document automation streamlines business by automating document creation, ensuring accuracy, compliance, and security. Conga integrates smoothly, enhancing productivity and efficiency. This reduces manual errors, improves tracking and communication, and boosts revenue lifecycle management. 

  • What types of business processes can be automated with Conga's document automation solutions?

    We have identified several documents that, through automation, can lead to better overall success:   

    1. Standard reports 
    2. Sales proposals and quotes
    3. Contracts 
    4. Account plans 
    5. Customer Communication
    6. Invoices and billing
    7. Renewals and business review

    Automating these key documents and capturing appropriate signatures can help you save time and resources to increase win rates and shorten time to revenue. 

  • How do I meet brand guidelines in document creation?

    Consistent documentation is key in creating brand recognition and building trust with customers. Through automation, you can control the creation of your templates and create a consistent use of your company’s brand in your documents. Fully customized templates allow you to increase volume and scale your document generation as your business grows.  

  • What is workflow automation software?

    Workflow automation software allows you to connect all essential areas of your business that are critical to your success. Bring your revenue lifecycle management together in one system to streamline communication, boost customer satisfaction, and energize your processes.  

    With workflow automation software, you have visibility into each area of your operations, allowing you to automate your critical processes like document generation, quotes, proposals, data gathering, contracts, and more.  

  • Why Conga for Document Automation?

    Conga stands as the trusted leader in Revenue Lifecycle Management, serving millions worldwide in the generation and execution of business-critical documents and agreements. Six of the Fortune 10 companies endorse our solutions, making us the preferred solution for industry leaders worldwide.

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