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Conga Sign is a secure and modern eSignature solution built to use via API, web application, or with your Salesforce instance. 

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Conga Sign is a critical component of Conga Revenue Lifecycle Cloud, a set of unified products built on Conga Platform that enable you to crush your unique revenue lifecycle complexities and increase revenue certainty. Conga’s open, flexible, and high-performance solution unifies, automates, and standardizes revenue processes across all teams to maximize customer lifetime value. 

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Conga Sign features

  • Strong identity assurance

    Access a broad range of identity verification and authentication options to ensure signers are who they claim to be before providing access to documents.


    Embed eSignature solutions into any website, portal, or application for a more seamless customer experience.

  • Advanced security

    Protect users and electronic documents against fraud with digital signature encryption. Our solution meets the world’s most rigorous cloud security standards and is verified by third-party auditors.

  • Efficiency

    Save time with an easy-to-execute and secure eSignature solution on any device, initiated from Salesforce.

  • Realize ROI quickly 

    A five-minute install of Conga Sign helps you realize a faster speed to value.

  • Transparency

    Track the status of signature activity and uncover contract roadblocks with built-in analytics. 

  • Global compliance

    Conga Sign complies with global eSignature regulations, including UETA, the ESIGN Act, and eIDAS. 

  • One vendor

    Conga Sign can be used alongside the Conga suite of products to assist with CLM, CPQ, document generation, automated approvals, and more.

ID verification and authentication

Conga Sign offers a range of ID verification and authentication options, so you can get documents electronically signed with confidence. With Conga Sign, you have the flexibility to choose the level of security you need. 

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eSignature is a must in today’s world, but how do you choose the right solution? Conga Sign offers a secure, compliant way to capture the signatures you need, while keeping your brand at the forefront. And it integrates with other Conga solutions to streamline every stage of the revenue lifecycle.   

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End-to-end support on Conga Sign

With support from Conga Services, Conga Community, and our technical team, we’re able to support our customers and to solve any Sign questions that come up along the way.

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eSignature legality

Learn the facts about the laws and local regulations that govern digital identities and digital certificates for eSignatures around the world. 

Conga Sign plays well with others.

Conga’s products are purpose-built to work together seamlessly, so you can automate and streamline commercial operations end-to-end.

Conga Sign FAQs

  • What are the next steps regarding services and implementation of Conga Sign API?

    Conga’s Professional Services team is ready to implement the Sign API for you. ISVs and Conga partners have experience with API implementations as well and can assist as needed.  

    Typically, your in-house development team or their application administrator should receive the sample API code for testing prior to purchase. Please reach out to your Conga point of contact if you’re interested in testing out the Sign API. 

  • Does Conga Sign work with Salesforce CRM?

    Yes! In fact, Conga Sign was built on specifically for Salesforce customers. When using Sign, you will experience a similar user interface and user experience as you would in the Salesforce platform.  

  • What's the difference between Conga Sign and Docusign?

    Conga Sign is the only built for Salesforce eSignature product on the market while other competitors build integrations into the Salesforce platform. Additionally, you will receive almost immediate time to value as it takes 5 minutes from AppExchange install to sending a first doc for signature. Finally, Docusign charges by the envelope while Conga charges by the user, giving you confidence in price forecasting for you and your team. See a full list of differences here.

  • What is Conga Sign API?

    With Conga Sign API, you can easily embed eSignature solutions into your own applications and/or website for a seamless customer experience.  Integrate common use cases like account openings, applications, terms and conditions, purchase agreements, and more directly into your portal or platform for a one-stop, branded signing experience for your customers.  

    Simply embed a signable document using Salesforce or non-Salesforce data and allow your counterparty to complete the required fields for a fast, compliant transaction. Realize higher completion rates, faster time to revenue, and a quicker time to ”yes” with Conga Sign API. 

  • How is the Conga Sign API different from the standard Conga Sign offering?

    Unlike the standard Conga Sign product, the API allows for: 

    • Embedded signing experiences: Directly integrate eSignature into your own business flow, including websites, portals, apps, etc. Reduce signing friction and improve the customer signing experience.  
    • Flexible delivery options (send with SMS, email, Slack, etc.): In addition to direct embedding, you can deliver signing requests through email, SMS, or other internal collaboration tools of your choice.  
    • Custom branding: Easily match your brand guidelines within your documents for a seamless user experience.   
    • Advanced qualified signature: Ensure a legally binding and compliant experience with Advanced Electronic Signature (AdES) for you and your countersigners. 
    • Field content validation: Ensure all fields are filled in correctly and accurately with field content validation setup. 
  • What types of content can I sign with Conga Sign?

    You can sign any document that requires signatures, which can include contracts, proposals, sales quotes, and much more. From simple one-pagers to large, complex documents—Conga Sign has you covered. 

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