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The difference between white-labeling and branding in eSignature solutions

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Branding vs. White Labeling Chart

Why white-labeling takes customer experience to the next level 

When it comes to trust and eSignature, two terms often come up: white-labeling and branding. While both concepts aim to create a recognizable identity for a company's eSignature solution, they differ greatly in the level of customization and control they offer. All of us want to make sure our brand shines through in the documents we send for signature. Does it have our fonts, our pantones, and colors, etc.? All of these elements are essential in making sure your brand is front and center. But how do you really provide the best customer experience and build brand trust—through branding or white-labeling? At Conga, we understand this distinction and the difference white-labeling vs branding can make. 

The advantages of white labeling, the importance of trust, security, consistency of brand, and overall customer experience 

Complete control and customization. Conga's white-labeling approach goes beyond branding to remove all traces of our business throughout the signing process. This means that organizations can have a fully white-labeled transaction, granting them complete control over the look and feel of the application. From web and mobile pages to emails and notifications sent to customers, every touchpoint can be tailored to match your brand identity. This level of customization ensures a seamless and immersive experience for users, enhancing brand recognition and loyalty. 

Trust and security.  One crucial aspect of white-labeling is the trust it instills between organizations and their customers. By removing any reference to a third-party vendor, like DocuSign or Adobe, white-labeling prevents the confusion and mistrust that can arise when customers receive emails using their brand and email domain. For example, DocuSign has been among some of the top brands targeted for phishing scams since 2015. With white-labeling, organizations can eliminate the risk to their customers and the possibility of them mistaking legitimate communications for phishing attempts, thereby strengthening trust and security. 

Consistency of brand experience. A consistent brand experience is vital in today's fast-paced digital world. Customers want a seamless journey across various touchpoints, and white-labeling provides exactly that. After all, your customers trust you. 

Conga's approach empowers organizations to seamlessly transition between different pages and experiences, ensuring that customers never feel disjointed. By upholding a consistent look and feel throughout the eSignature process, organizations can boost conversion rates substantially. This cohesive experience fosters customer comfort and engagement, leading to more successful transactions. 

Customer experience. At the heart of a successful business lies the customer experience. White labeling not only enhances trust and consistency but also contributes to an overall superior customer experience. By presenting a fully white-labeled eSignature solution, organizations demonstrate their commitment to delivering a seamless and branded experience. Customers appreciate the attention to detail and the effort put into providing a cohesive journey that aligns with their expectations. A positive customer experience not only boosts satisfaction but also encourages repeat business and positive word-of-mouth recommendations. 

The big difference 

The major difference between white labeling and private labeling is the level of control, customization, and customer experience white labeling offers. While branding establishes a recognizable identity for the third-party eSignature vendor, Conga's white-labeling approach offers complete control over the entire transaction process and provides a seamless identity that’s all yours. Conga’s white labeling capabilities, including enhanced trust and security, consistent brand experience, and improved customer experience, make it the choice for organizations seeking to create a seamless, safe, and immersive eSignature solution. By prioritizing white labeling, organizations can strengthen their brand, build trust, and ultimately provide a superior experience for their customers. 

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