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End-to-end contract management 

Streamline contract lifecycle management (CLM) for efficiency and insights

Can your company afford ineffective CLM?

Contracts are crucial to every business, which is why it’s so important to end the era of manual and disjointed contract processes. Conga’s contract management solutions empower you to improve customer and user experiences, while increasing visibility, speeding up cycle times, and lowering risk. 


Optimize highly complex contracting processes 

Manage complicated enterprise-wide contract lifecycles to mitigate risk, reduce friction, and empower your business to scale. From request to amendment through renewal, Conga CLM’s workflows allow you to automate every step of your contract lifecycle in Salesforce.   

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Conga Contracts

Department-owned contract management  

Conga Contracts automates and standardizes the contracting lifecycle to increase speed, lower risk, and ensure compliance. Built specifically for legal and procurement department use, it manages both buy- and sell-side contracts and works with any CRM. 

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Automate and generate standard, high-volume contracts 

Execute large volumes of transactional contracts directly from Salesforce to simplify and accelerate sales cycles. Maintain control and mitigate risk all while freeing up Legal's time to focus on complex contracts. 

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Conga Contract Intelligence

Realize the full value of every contract 

Conga Contract Intelligence uses best-in-class AI to extract unstructured text from commercial agreements and organize it into structured data. Ensure full visibility into your contracts with Contract Intelligence, so your business can confidently track obligations, manage opportunities, and mitigate risks. 

Conga Approvals

No more approval delays

Achieve a higher level of approval workflow automation and provide a better user experience with Conga Approvals. Set up approvals on pricing, discounting, promotions, contract terms, agreement clauses, and more.

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The Conga platform has allowed us to centralize and manage our contracts, both on the sales and the procurement side, Conga CLM has also proven to be a reliable means of analyzing data and driving contract efficiency while giving us more insight into the value and risk profile of our contracts.

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Conga Max

AI assistance for CPQ and CLM

Take quick actions on revenue operations or contract management with Max, an intelligent mobile assistant. Whether you’re on-the-go or in the office, Max helps automate tasks like cloning quotes or creating agreements. 

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CLM Add-ons

Dynamic add-ons for Conga CLM

Manage your contracts better with powerful additions to Conga CLM. Edit contracts online without leaving MS Word, review documents in Conga CLM, or quickly and accurately import third-party paper into your contract repository.

  • Transformation starts here

    • Automate processes for shorter contract cycles

      When you automate time-consuming tasks like authoring, negotiation, approvals, and reporting, your legal and contracting teams can significantly shorten contract cycles. Conga’s contract management solutions provide end-to-end contract management and uses familiar tools like Word to cut down training and increase adoption. 

    • Store contracts in a secure, central repository

      Keep contracts accessible and searchable for renewals, analytics, and future negotiations. By storing every executed contract in a secure repository, you ensure all contracting information stays accurate and up-to-date, and all actions are recorded. Plus, there is  an automated audit trail of changes and versions. 

    • Analytics, reporting, and search capabilities

      Easily track statuses and get a clear view into processes to spot problems, like where contracts get hung up or stall out. Report on all contracts to find ways to make your processes faster, better, and root out hidden risk. When you have all that information at your fingertips, your contracting processes are faster and more efficient. 

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  • Build on your success

    • Templates and clause libraries for contract creation

      Use templates to create professional, compliant contracts with the click of a button. Set up a clause library, complete with clause bundles, to quickly draft strong, standardized contracts. When you supply language and clauses that the legal team has already approved, you can negotiate contracts that are compliant with policies and procedures. 

    • Self-service tools for a seamless contract process 

      Conga’s contract management solutions make it easy to customize your contracting experience. You can choose to automate updates, workflows, and approvals to ensure processes stay on track and the audit trail remains intact. With Conga, you can say goodbye to slow, manual updates or missed renewals. 

    • Collaboration makes negotiation and teamwork easy

      With an online user interface that enables non-legal users  to comment and redline an agreement, you can shorten contract cycle times and eliminate the need for additional training. With Conga, multiple users save time with the ability to simultaneously review and edit agreements, all from the user applications they prefer.

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  • Insights that drive growth

    • Integrations for your most critical business tools

      Built in the cloud, Conga’s contract solutions seamlessly connect with your existing CRM and eSignature tools. Conga offers out-of-the-box, packaged, and configurable integrations with Kira Systems, Salesforce CRM, and Microsoft Dynamics, and has public APIs available. 

    • Built-in intelligence for smart contract processes

      Your contracting processes are smarter with Conga’s contract solutions, which provide advanced insight and reporting to help raise performance against key metrics. Conga also uses patented technology for importing legacy or third-party contracts and an intelligent mobile assistant–which uses natural language processing (NLP)–to execute simple tasks. 

    • 5-star service and support from contract experts

      Your success is our success. Regardless of where you are on your contracting journey, Conga is here to provide you with the guidance, service, and support you need to achieve success. It’s the reason we’re ranked favorably and rated 5-stars by analysts and customers alike. 

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Unify contracts and processes

Conga’s contract management solutions connect every step in the contract lifecycle, from request to renewal. Better automation equals greater transparency, plus integrations to other systems make contracting even more seamless.

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Fast track your negotiations

Streamline contract creation and negotiation for faster cycle times and better outcomes. Your customers, both inside and outside the organization, will be happier and your teams will have more time for strategic work. 

Conga Contracts Commercial Suite integrations

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