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CLM Top 35: A Buyer’s Guide by MGI Research

45 min read

Minimize the risk of choosing an inadequate Contract Lifecycle Managemet (CLM) solution. Identify the CLM that is a perfect fit for your use case and specific needs. 

In this download we’ll cover:

How buyers should approach the CLM market
Essential elements of CLM evaluation
Overall MGI 360 ratings for CLM

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Inefficient contract management can lead to significant overhead costs—impacting operating results and earnings per share. Without an automated system, handling contracts can cause considerable friction with customers, suppliers, partners, employees, and regulators, leading to delays. Issues such as not understanding the coverage of relationships by contracts, key terms, or how to interpret contract intent can result in lost time, reduced productivity, strained relationships, unnecessary costs, lost revenue, and reputational damage. When buyers, sellers, and investors lack a clear and comprehensive view of all contracts, clauses, obligations, and entitlements, transactions often fail to close. That’s why choosing the right CLM for your organization has never been more important.