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Nonprofit document management

Streamline the documents, contracts, and signatures required to operate

Limited resources require smart solutions

Nonprofits that use their resources efficiently make a greater impact in support of their cause. Automating processes and managing digital documents and contracts makes efficient use of resources. Conga’s Suite helps nonprofits free up hours with eSignatures, templated forms, letters, contacts, and more. 

Accelerate donations and sign-ups

Ready to update the inefficient process of collecting in-person signatures? Conga Sign makes it effortless to capture secure, compliant, and legally binding electronic signatures from donors, volunteers, partners, and others. 

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Spend time on meaningful work

Generate contracts and communications, merge data from Salesforce, automate grant award letters, payment and reporting schedules, and much more. Implementing Conga Composer is like adding another member to your team. 

Trust compliant, consistent contracts

No more disjointed contract processes that slow down processes, lead to errors, and cause headaches. Nonprofits worldwide use Conga CLM to mitigate contractual risks, automate manual processes, and simplify contract management. 

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