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Streamline customer experience with media and entertainment solutions

A solution for your fast-paced business

When it comes to billing, ordering, and contracting needs, media and entertainment operations teams often have to juggle too many responsibilities at once, which can negatively impact customer experience. Conga’s solutions are game-changing for your business, helping you keep up with your competitors and your customers’ expectations. 

Create and track branded proposals

Send personalized, customized proposals to media buyers in a few clicks, track reaction to those proposals, and know just when to reach out. Conga Collaborate enables your media or entertainment company to close deals faster and help your teams to work smarter with streamlined proposals.

Woman using Conga Commerce Suite on tablet
Closeup shot of a team meeting

Land deals smoothly

Sales teams spend too much time on administrative tasks, including time from first contact to a finalized quote. Conga CPQ empowers sales teams, clients, and partners to configure complicated products and services and deliver accurate quotes quickly. 

Fast-track contract cycles

In media and entertainment, it takes too much time to manage the contracts that are a vital aspect of your business. With Conga CLM, your business can manage the entire contracting process, ensuring contracts are approved, delivered, and signed, at a pace that keeps up with your business.


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