Ovation TV boosts revenue capture and efficiency with Conga

Switching from a traditional CLM to CCI empowered teams to improve contract management and performance

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Ovation TV programs feature arts content with a global perspective, including documentaries, films, series, specials, and original productions that include Antiques Roadshow, Riviera, and Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations. Ovation TV's product suite includes a cable channel, several apps, web content, and more, catering to over 50 million subscribers.

For an enterprise such as Ovation TV, there’s no product that doesn’t involve a contract. With 9000+ agreements, finding documents was a task unto itself—there were no naming conventions, no consistency, and file types included everything from Word to Google Docs to TIF files. The contract manager, Julie Moskovitz, spent hours every day alongside her team searching through PDFs or manually creating and assigning tags.  

 Ovation TV tried a traditional CLM to help manage its contracts, but it couldn't keep up with the company's needs. The product had few customization options or automated features and required tedious tagging of all relevant details, often mislabeling vital information that required hours of manual correction. In the end, the system was more of a burden than a solution. Before Conga, “the CLM we used was basically just a glorified search engine. It took a lot of babysitting and manual work for it to be functional,” explained Julie Moskovitz. 

When Ovation TV signed on with Conga Contract Intelligence (CCI), everything changed. The 9000+ agreements were uploaded to the platform and the AI + machine learning data extraction process began, providing the Ovation team with a complete central repository of accurate contract data. CCI’s reliable search functionality also meant that teams didn’t need to change their workflows or naming conventions, making the transition seamless. The company is now able to utilize the contract repository with unlimited user seat access, allowing users to search terms and apply labels independently while also receiving smart notifications regarding key renewals and contract terminations. 

Before Conga Contract Intelligence, our CLM system was too difficult to use. After months of tagging a few agreements once in a while, and occasionally searching for a missing document, the CLM was gathering dust. What was supposed to make our lives easier was just a source of frustration.

Julie Moskovitz
Director, Business & Legal Affairs
Ovation TV

Business results

  • Conga Contract Intelligence’s AI saves the Ovation TV legal team at least two hours a day of contract management work. 
  • Smart notifications prompted the Ovation TV team to renegotiate multiple agreements and terminate a vendor contract renewal resulting in a $50,000 savings and an immediate ROI justifying the cost of Conga Contract Intelligence and its immediate 6x ROI. 
  • The Ovation TV team implemented Conga Contract Intelligence immediately and became fully operational a week after onboarding, a process that usually takes months with traditional CLMs. 

Once we implemented Conga Contract Intelligence, everything changed. It’s fast, it’s easy, and it’s accurate and it immediately frees up time and allows me to focus on the more specialized parts of my job.

Julie Moskovitz
Director, Business & Legal Affairs
Ovation TV

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