Conga Revenue 
Lifecycle Management

See how Conga solutions can help you accelerate your end-to-end revenue lifecycle and gain a Revenue Advantage. 

Unified Revenue Lifecycle Management

All of your revenue management solution requirements on a single open platform. Use together or separately. Powered by a unified data model, complete revenue intelligence, and purpose-built AI, the Conga revenue lifecycle cloud is built to answer your most complex revenue questions. 


Grow revenue with Conga CPQ

  • Enable new revenue streams

    Create compelling, personalized, and accurate quotes and proposals across revenue streams (direct sales, partners, online).

  • Sell. Better. Faster.

    Increase revenue and improve margins with better price realization and increased volumes through recommended configurations, cross-sells, and upsells. 

  • Make smart, data-driven decisions

    Automate quote and proposal processes and gain key insights to support data-driven decision-making, track sales performance, and optimize strategies.

Revenue pillar of Conga's Revenue Lifecycle Management Platform
Contracts pillar of Conga's Revenue Lifecycle Management Platform

Save time and reduce risk with CLM

  • Eliminate rogue contracting

    With automated contract creation, tracking, and review, you can conditionally assemble rules and approvals with specified guardrails.

  • Identify and mitigate risk

    Artificial intelligence illuminates hidden risks in contracts, automatically flagging risky or non-standard terms and clauses. 

  • Gain game-changing visibility

    Quickly identify critical contract data that helps you make proactive decisions and improve compliance.

Accelerate business with Document Automation 

Documents pillar of Conga's Revenue Lifecycle Management Platform

Conga’s complete revenue intelligence model allows you to run at new speeds with an end-to-end view of all revenue events, and actionable analytics to help you perform at scale.  

Any CRM. Any ERP. 
Any Cloud.

No ecosystem lock-in. Conga works with any CRM, any ERP, any Cloud. Built on our unified revenue data model, out of the box integrations on the revenue lifecycle cloud allow you to create seamless personalized omnichannel eCommerce experiences. 

Why Conga?

Purpose-built for Revenue Advantage

Conga eliminates isolated tech, fragmented data, siloed problem-solving, and poor buyer experiences that keep companies stuck in the Revenue Friction Zone.

Born for the top line

ERP is for the bottom line. CRM is for the pipeline. Conga is focused exclusively on revenue and built for the top line. 

Only open Revenue Lifecycle Management Platform

Any CRM. Any ERP. Any cloud. Prevent ecosystem lock-in and create custom experiences with our API-first platform. 

Complete revenue intelligence

Our unified revenue data model and AI foundation give you real-time answers that are essential for increasing revenue. 

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