Twilio embarks on transformational journey with the Conga platform for CPQ

Twilio improves performance, tackles complexity, and processes data faster with the Conga platform 

Twilio is a cloud communications platform that enables developers to integrate messaging, voice, and video capabilities into their applications via APIs, empowering businesses to build personalized and scalable customer engagement experiences. 
Twilio partnered with Conga to leverage the Conga platform for CPQ to help them address challenges such as expanding product complexity, processing limitations, and manual quote configuration burdens. Through this journey, they significantly reduced sales time, streamlined quote approval processes, increased self-service capabilities, and boosted the sale of support plans, resulting in substantial time and cost savings, along with a significant increase in revenue.  


We’re looking to use Conga platform as a way to unlock more processing power and unlock things like more inclusion rules, larger bundles, ways that we can auto select products and make it easier for our sales reps.

Amber Small
Senior Manager, CRM Products

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