Conga Digital Commerce

Conga Digital Commerce

Make buying easy for your customers

Increase effectiveness in all sales channels 

Provide a frictionless customer experience across all sales touch points with Conga Digital Commerce. Connect the dots between online self-service buying and assisted direct and channel sales. Data flow between Digital Commerce and CPQ ensures product, pricing, and promotional information is always up-to-date.

Sell better, faster

What if you could make every sales rep, partner, and even your website, perform like your best sales rep, all while making your customers happier? Transform your sales channels—no matter how complex your business becomes.

Conga Digital Commerce helps streamline your business
Improve processes with Conga Digital Commerce
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Unify the buying experience

Nearly every enterprise faces challenges when it comes to delivering high-quality buying and selling experiences across all sales touchpoints. With Conga Digital Commerce, provide a unified, modern experience on a single platform.

Powerful features to streamline digital commerce

  • Multichannel support

    for direct sales, partners, and customers.

  • Guided selling

    optimizes prices, products, offers, and promotions.

  • Asset-based ordering

    improves retention and eliminates renewal errors.

  • Rule-based configuration

    ensures the best configuration, every time.

  • Intelligent selling

    through upsell and cross-sell recommendations.

Conga Digital Commerce plays well with others.

Conga’s products are purpose-built to work together seamlessly, so you can automate and streamline commercial operations end-to-end.

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