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Save time, close deals faster, and improve compliance with Conga’s contract lifecycle management products

Standardize and automate your contracts at scale with these game-changing features:

Store, locate, and search all contracts
Standardize clause libraries for compliance
Contract tracking with notifications for each step
Automatically route tasks and track interactions
Capture signatures from any connected device

Get control now

Don't just take our word for it

14 days to 90 minutes

Thomson Reuters maximizes sales efficiency and customer experience with Conga

75% faster approvals

QuintilesIMS dramatically decreased their processing time with pre-approved clauses

Up to 3 times faster

Molina Healthcare generates contract templates up to 3 times faster with Conga CLM

Accelerate revenue lifecycle management

The best software for contract management to crush contract complexity across departments

Legal contract automation

Increase contract compliance, minimize risk, and automate renewals and approvals

Payer provider contracting

Dynamically generate contracts with healthcare providers and capture signatures on vital provider agreements while maintaining HIPAA compliance  

CLM for Salesforce

Integrate directly with your Salesforce instance to make creating, renewing, and managing contracts faster

Vendor contract management

Automate the vendor contract process with document generation, collaboration, workflows, and a central agreement repository

Healthcare risk management

Create efficiencies that scale and reduce overhead while ensuring compliance.  Auto-generate simple contracts like NDAs

Advanced contract tracking

Gain the ability to store all contacts in one secure repository for easy access, version tracking, and advanced reporting. 

Deliver predictable growth.

Conga drives predictable business growth by aligning processes, teams, and technology under a single data model throughout the revenue management lifecycle.

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