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Automating business processes for energy

Stay on top of energy innovation and eliminate inefficient processes

Keep your customers happy

Today’s energy companies know that technology is constantly evolving and manual processes slow them down. Managing your innovative company with outdated solutions means you risk falling behind the competition and disappointing your customer. Conga’s business process automation solutions streamline processes and the customer experience.

Accelerate your contract processes

Contracts ensure deals are made and services are carried out. But while contracts are critical for business, they’re also tedious and time-consuming to manage. Conga CLM empowers energy companies to fast-track the contracting process and create transparency throughout the organization. 

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On-time fulfillment for happy customers

Keep customers happy with quick, accurate delivery of products and services. Conga Order Management orchestrates the entire order process, from the initial task coordination to provisioning.

A seamless, flexible billing experience

Energy companies often have unique billing practices, charging customers for usage-based services. Conga Billing streamlines the entire process, with automated billing and invoice management. Customize your billing process for utmost efficiency and accuracy. 

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