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Drive results with streamlined workflow automation 

Automate any and every process 

Conga Orchestrate is a critical component of Conga Revenue Lifecycle Cloud, a set of unified products built on Conga Platform that enable you to crush your unique revenue lifecycle complexities and increase revenue certainty. Conga’s open, flexible, and high-performance solution unifies, automates, and standardizes revenue processes across all teams to maximize customer lifetime value. 

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Conga Orchestrate features

  • Starts and runs automatically

    Automatically start your workflow and processes once set conditions are met within your Salesforce record.

  • Increased process visibility

    Follow your process with easy-to-view workflow swim lanes.

  • No need for IT

    No-code edits make it easy to modify your flow.

  • Ensure compliance

    Place validation rules to make sure you can’t move forward in the process until certain conditions are met.

  • Advanced process analytics

    Track upcoming tasks in the workflow so you can measure workload for individuals in the future.

Simplify and automate with Conga Orchestrate


Tasks can be built into an Orchestrate workflow


Of offers can be automatically approved


Saved each week through workflow automation


Minutes to get set up and running with Orchestrate


Seconds needed to auto-start an Orchestrate workflow

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End-to-end support on Orchestrate

With support from Conga Services, Conga Community, and our technical team, we’re able to support our customers and to solve any Conga Orchestrate questions that come up along the way.

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Conga Orchestrate plays well with others.

Conga’s products are purpose-built to work together seamlessly, so you can automate and streamline commercial operations end-to-end.

Conga Orchestrate FAQs

  • What is Conga Orchestrate?  

    Conga Orchestrate is a workflow automation engine built for Salesforce. Its visual, no-code builder lets you compose complex processes involving both human work and automation.  

  • Why is Conga Orchestrate helpful?  

    Conga Orchestrate empowers teams to automate any and every process. Easily visualize, configure, automate, and manage even the most complex workflow automations in Salesforce, so you can close deals faster, grow your business, and focus on your customers. 

  • What problem does Conga Orchestrate solve?  

    Conga Orchestrate solves a variety of problems related to complex workflows. Without a tool like Orchestrate, organizations typically rely on institutional knowledge to guide their complex business processes and train new employees on these workflows. Unfortunately, institutional knowledge is imperfect, which often leads to missed steps, inconsistent training, and a lack of visibility into organizational processes.  

  • How does Conga Orchestrate streamline workflow automation?  

    Conga Orchestrate lets you easily build and manage workflows within your Salesforce instance with: 

    • Built-in steps between manual and automated approvals 
    • Visual insights to show where a process or approval sits 
    • Valuable data insights to identify common roadblocks and trends 
    • A full audit trail for your records  
    • No-code edits to easily modify your flow without IT assistance 


  • Who could benefit from Conga Orchestrate?  

    Conga Orchestrate is a valuable tool for any company that deals with complex workflows and business processes—and wants to optimize those processes. Workflow automation makes new employee training easier, reduces risk through increased process consistency and full audit trails, and improves productivity by helping to identify roadblocks and manage workload. 

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