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Data and Process Automation

Conga Orchestrate

Drive results with streamlined workflows

Create processes to grow with your business

Complexity doesn’t have to follow growth. With Conga Orchestrate, you can easily configure, automate, and manage a large number of workflow steps and processes, no matter how complex. Plus, you save time and eliminate costly errors caused by manual work.

Automate Salesforce workflows

Salesforce process management is easy when you can create repeatable processes in Salesforce with no code. With Conga Orchestrate, even the most complex workflows with multiple steps are easy to build and automate. 

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Deep insights, more efficiency

Manual processes are time-consuming, inconsistent, and error-prone. With automated processes from Conga Orchestrate, you can track even the most complex processes and gain deep insights that inform where improvement is needed.

Powerful features to streamline process management

  • Complex logic

    for cascading steps in detailed processes.

  • Automate start

    of processes when data is created or updated.

  • Status updates

    provide a clear understanding in real-time.

  • Duplication

    for heavily used and repeated processes.

  • Execution controls

    ensure all steps are completed in order.

Conga Orchestrate plays well with others.

Conga’s products are purpose-built to work together seamlessly, so you can automate and streamline commercial operations end-to-end.

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