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Do your customers like buying from you?

Consumers are evolving the ways they buy, which means it’s time for businesses to evolve the ways they sell. Conga Commerce solutions can transform your sales organization, enabling reps and partners to provide the seamless buying experience customers expect and deserve. 

Conga CPQ

Faster, more accurate quotes 

Conga CPQ empowers sales, partners, and customers to configure complex products and services, deliver accurate quotes, and create smarter deals, with the most up-to-date product and pricing information.

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Conga Digital Commerce

Unify the buying experience

Transform your sales channels—no matter how complex business becomes. Conga Digital Commerce gives customers a seamless experience across all sales touch points, from online self-service to assisted direct and channel sales.

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Digital Commerce combined with Quote-to-Cash delivered significant cost and efficiency improvements.

Leela Parvathaneni
Director, Customer Facing Applications
Align Tech

Smarter, more effective sales 

With Conga’s Commerce solutions, you can create a seamless, enjoyable buying experience for customers across all of your sales channels. Ensure end-to-end  accuracy, no matter how complex the products and services may be. 

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Woman using Conga Commerce Suite on tablet
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Consistency across channels

If your website lists a different price than the quote your rep or partner gave a prospect, you could be in for trouble. Conga Commerce solutions are built on a single platform, providing accurate data across all sales channels. 

  • Transformation starts here

    • Automate processes for shorter sales cycles

      When up to 50% of sales wins go to the vendor that responds first, providing an accurate quote quickly is critical for your business. The key to sales efficiency is eliminating manual quoting processes so your reps have more time to sell. 

    • Eliminate common, costly quoting errors

      Let your CPQ solution work for you by eliminating common errors during the quoting process, as well as the downstream problems they cause beyond sales. CPQ helps optimize information and timing, so you can ensure automatic compliance with product selection and configuration, pricing, and business rules.

    • Provide visibility across all stages of a deal 

      When your reps and partners can see what deal structures are best fit for the customer, they are incentivized to sell the right combination of products and services––one that enables them to sell more while discounting less, increasing the likelihood of winning the deal and expanding deal value.

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  • Build on your success

    • Simplify processes for complex configurations 

      When your business has any measure of complexity, updating sales processes can seem daunting. Think fast changing product catalogs, complex pricing/discounting rules, diverse product types, multi-channel selling strategies, or market pressure on price. With Conga, simplifying processes for even the most complex configurations is painless. 

    • Apply intelligence for the best deal

      Help your organization orchestrate the best deal for your customers using sales solutions with built-in intelligence. From guided selling that highlights cross-sell and upsell opportunities to intelligent pricing tools, Conga helps protect your margins while giving reps clear guidance on how to price to win.

    • Queue up an effective multi-channel strategy

      Customers today have high expectations. As a result, your business needs to offer a quality sales experience at every touchpoint, in every channel. Conga helps provide consistency and accuracy across the business, whether selling happens through direct channels, partners, or online self-service portals.

    Coworkers discussing benefits of Conga Commerce Suite
  • Insights that drive growth

    • A single source of truth about your buyer

      When all product data is stored in the same system as your customer data–– including past sales history––it makes it easy to provide accurate information, no matter what channel the sale originates in. Conga provides a single source of truth across all stages of the sales cycle.

    • Influence behavior that will grow the top line

      What if you could influence the behavior of both your buyers and sellers from within your CPQ and digital commerce solution? Conga uses data and insights to identify the moment in the decision process when a specific action results in the most desirable effect. As in asset-based ordering, where past buying history helps predict next areas of interest.

    • Data-driven results produce top-selling reps

      Imagine the positive impact on your business if every rep could perform like your best selling rep. Conga uses data-driven insights and recommendations to guide sellers,  increasing deal value and win probability for every single sales reps.

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