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Conga X-Author for Excel

Turn Microsoft Excel into a complete user interface for your CRM system and increase user adoption

An Excel solution for Salesforce 

Conga X-Author for Excel is a critical component of Conga Revenue Lifecycle Cloud, a set of unified products built on Conga Platform that enable you to crush your unique revenue lifecycle complexities and increase revenue certainty. Conga’s open, flexible, and high-performance solution unifies, automates, and standardizes revenue processes across all teams to maximize customer lifetime value. 

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Conga X-Author for Excel Features 

  • One-click control

    Manage unlimited objects in any layout, any workbook, and across worksheets.

  • Data migration

    Create, read, update, and delete an unlimited number of objects simultaneously.

  • Ease of use

    Compare data across organizations and instances in a single workbook.

  • Complex reporting 

    Leverage standard Excel reporting and analytics functionality.

  • Offline functionality 

    Work offline and easily sync changes when reconnected.

Real outcomes from Conga X-Author customers

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Faster programming


Better data accuracy


Faster business process cycle time


Greater productivity


Increase in Salesforce user adoption

Statistics provided by Conga customers

Customer success

End-to-end support on Conga X-Author for Excel

With support from Conga Services, Conga Community, and our technical team, we’re able to support our customers and to solve any X-Author for Excel questions that come up along the way.

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Conga X-Author plays well with others.

Conga’s products are purpose-built to work together seamlessly, so you can automate and streamline commercial operations end-to-end.

  • What is Conga X-Author for Excel?

    Conga X-Author for Excel is a product that allows you to transform Microsoft Excel into an easy-to-operate user interface within Salesforce.  

  • How do Salesforce and Microsoft Excel work together?

    X-Author for Excel brings the familiarity and functionality of working in Microsoft Excel directly into your Salesforce instance using data connectors via API that seamlessly transfer your data between systems.  

  • Why is X-Author for Excel helpful?

    X-Author for Excel delivers increased user adoption and productivity by creating the opportunity to use Microsoft Excel and Excel-based applications to populate complex calculations for quotes without leaving your Salesforce instance. 

  • Who could benefit from X-Author for Excel?

    Anyone using Microsoft Excel to compute complex calculations or manage data alongside Salesforce. 

  • How can X-Author for Excel accelerate the revenue cycle?

    Simply put...Presto! Presto is a key feature of X-Author for Excel that allows the user to use Microsoft Excel as a Cloud Calculator to compute complex calculations within Salesforce. With a single click you can calculate NPV, IRR, profitability, or any other terms, and you can distribute one-click calculation abilities throughout your enterprise. 

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