Automate Revenue

Revenue management transformed

Create user-friendly revenue processes 

Beef up your customers’ experience, end-to-end

Customers expect a positive experience to last well beyond the point of purchase. Revenue management tools can help manage with processes for billing, order management, and promotions so your customers can enjoy a seamless experience, end-to-end, and your users will spend less time managing those processes.

Conga Billing

Customized billing plans

Give customers a seamless experience with automated billing and invoicing management from Conga Billing. Bill for any business model, including physical goods, subscription and services, and usage-based services.

Woman automating revenue with Conga
Coworkers discussing benefits of Conga's Revenue Automation Suite
Conga Order Management

Manage orders across channels

Keep customers happy with quick, accurate delivery of products, subscriptions, and services. Conga Order Management orchestrates the entire order process, from initial task coordination to provisioning and fulfilment.

Conga Promotions

Multi-channel promotions

Manage the entire promotions process with Conga Promotions. Launch effective promotional programs across all your sales channels by finding the right mix of incentives to positively influence buying behavior. 

Teammates automating revenue with Conga

Accelerate revenue velocity 

Earn the maximum revenue from every customer engagement with Conga Revenue solutions. Gain more insight into customer behaviors and expectations and implement processes that help increase loyalty and encourage buying.

360 degree view of customer order history
Conga revenue management solutions
Conga Billing notification

A superior customer experience

Through seamless billing, delivery, and promotions processes, Conga’s revenue management solutions help ensure customers maintain a positive impression of your business long after the sale closes.

  • Transformation starts here

    • Bill and invoice every commercial interaction

      Conga’s revenue management solutions empower your business to provide a seamless, end-to-end customer experience after the sale—from billing to fulfillment—and invoice for each interaction. As a result, you will earn the maximum revenue from every customer engagement.

    • Bill for blended models, from simple to complex

      Satisfy your customers with a bill they understand. Create custom billing plans for every account, regardless of complexity. With Conga, you can bill for any blend of business models—from physical goods and one-time sales, to subscription and professional services, to usage-based or consumption-based services.

    • Manage your orders across all sales channels

      Once your customers order, keep them happy with quick and accurate delivery of products and services. With Conga’s revenue management solutions, you can manage the entire order process across all sales channels, from the initial task coordination to provisioning and fulfillment. Plus, manage changes in-flight to ensure on-time fulfillment.

    Woman using Conga Automate Revenue Suite on laptop
  • Build on your success

    • Automate billing and order management processes

      Automate standard and/or repetitive billing and order management processes so your customers get their products and services sooner. By automating critical post-sales processes, you extend a seamless customer experience, end-to-end.

    • Manage all customer data in a central repository

      When all customer data lives in a single, centralized repository, your business ensures that critical information is accurate, up-to-date, and accessible at any stage along the post-sale journey. Conga solutions offer 360 degree visibility into your customers’ entire order history, including expected delivery dates, shipment costs, and taxes.

    • Integrate contract and fulfillment processes

      Customers change their minds, so it’s critical that your business has the ability to catch and manage any impact to the order. When systems are integrated, changes to fulfillment instructions are validated against the contract with full visibility into current inventory and resources, so your team can manage when the order can be fulfilled.

    Coworkers discussing benefits of Conga's Revenue Automation Suite
  • Insights that drive growth

    • Retain, streamline, and grow your revenue 

      Growth relies on the ability to close deals—not just with new customers, but also within the current customer base. Conga’s revenue management solutions ensure that your business can accurately fulfill orders and intelligently renew contracts so that your bottom line continues to grow. 

    • Apply intelligence to prevent customer churn 

      Data-driven insights can give you a better idea of your customers’ propensity to buy and flag any potential for churn. In addition, analyze and track promotion programs’ performance. Adjust your promotion strategy in-flight to achieve the highest yield. 

    • Positively influence customer buying behavior

      Identify the most effective promotions and exert positive influence on how your customers and channel partners behave with Conga revenue management solutions. From concept to execution, you can launch effective promotional programs across all your sales channels by finding the right mix of incentives to encourage buying behavior.

    Man giving a presentation on the benefits of Conga's Revenue Automation Suite

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