Press Release

Novatus Unveils Upgrade v6.2 with Value-Added Enhancements

April 04, 2016

Novatus, a leading provider of contract lifecycle management solutions, has upgraded to Release v6.2. This release features many new enhancements to its eSignature integration, messaging tool, and contract flow module.

With our unparalleled eSignature integration, Novatus offers many new enhancements to its DocuSign native and Adobe eSign modules. DocuSign native provides an airtight integration with Novatus and unlocks advanced templates for signer actions and tags. New actions include Address Recipients, Manage Envelope, and Manage Recipients and additional DocuSign tags include Approve, Decline, Note, and Formula.

Additionally, the Adobe eSign module has been redesigned so all the information needed to complete the wizard is displayed in a single screen. All of the information captured by the wizard remains the same, but users do not have to use a template to identify the number of signers and recipients for the contract.

"Electronic Signatures empower companies to keep business digital," said Novatus CEO, Bob Gambotz. "Enhancements to this functionality are imperative to continually speed-up negotiation, reduce costs, and delight our customers.”

As the Novatus platform continues to grow, we will continue to provide more functionality and improved performance to our newest modules. Contract Flow enhancements were made to email notifications, flow stages, existing contracts and companies, additional reporting capabilities, and more. In the Messaging module, our users can now benefit from additional formatting options (increase/decrease font size, select text color, and add background color to highlight text) to the messages they send from Company and Contract Profiles.

Novatus maintains a consistent development schedule, delivering three quality upgrades to the solution annually. This current upgrade is the first enhancement release this year. The next upgrade is scheduled for August 2016.

To learn more about Novatus or request a demo, contact us at 877.745.3070 or email info(at)novatuscontracts(dot)com.

About Novatus, Inc. Novatus, Inc. was founded in 2008 by well-respected and globally recognized contract and supply chain industry leaders and pioneers in the contract lifecycle management (CLM) industry. The Novatus team is passionate about providing results-oriented contract, compliance, and supplier management web-based software solutions and unrivaled customer support resulting in measurable, positive business results for their clients. Novatus has a compelling and scalable business solution for companies of every size and today being used by thousands of Global 1000 users to manage diverse purchase, sales, and partner agreements. For more information, visit or call 877.745.3070. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook , Google+ and LinkedIn.