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Optimize healthcare contract efficiency

Enhance operational effectiveness and maximize value with our comprehensive CLM solution for HLS.

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Enhance compliance and mitigate risk

Streamline your healthcare contracting process with Conga’s contract lifecycle management solutions. Close deals quickly while boosting compliance and visibility, ensuring you adhere to industry regulations. 

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Contract lifecycle management solutions 

Conga CLM

End-to-end contract management created for large, multi-departmental businesses to simplify complex processes, mitigate risk, and reduce cross-team friction.

Conga Contracts

Automate and standardize healthcare contracting to increase speed, lower risk, and boost compliance. Conga Contracts is built for legal and procurement departments and works with any CRM.

Conga Contracts for Salesforce

Simplify and accelerate sales cycles while reducing risk.  Automate, generate, and execute large volumes of standard contracts at scale—directly in Salesforce.

Conga Contract Intelligence

Extract data easily and get full visibility into your contracts so your healthcare business can confidently track obligations, manage opportunities, and mitigate risk.

Crushing the contract lifecycle game

Check out the real results Conga’s contract lifecycle products are delivering in action. 

CLM products work seamlessly with Salesforce

Conga CLM solutions are an extension of Salesforce, allowing you to get your business done in one place with full visibility into the entire process. This seamless integration not only accelerates contract cycles, it also speeds up implementation and increases user adoption—leaving you more time to focus on patient care.  

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Contract Lifecycle Management FAQs 

  • What is Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) software?

    Our end-to-end solutions connect each stage of the contracting process, giving you visibility into all parts of the lifecycle.

    CLM software allows you to coordinate your contract processes more efficiently while reducing risk. Automated contract management software frees employees to work on more value-additive tasks. 

  • How can contract artificial intelligence (AI) improve business workflows?

    Using intelligent contract management solutions allows you to get the full value of every contract and to make informed decisions.  

    Empower your teams and give them visibility into contracts of all stages to keep track of obligations, to mitigate risk, and to maximize the potential value of agreements. 

  • What are CLM tools?

    CLM tools are designed to help you navigate all steps of the contract lifecycle, giving you end-to-end support from one system.  

    The contract lifecycle includes everything from managing your executed contracts in a repository to requests, authoring, negotiation, and execution.  

  • What are the benefits of a CLM?

    A contract management solution increases the speed, visibility, and control of your contracts, allowing your business to streamline sales cycles, effectively manage revenue, and build relationships—and ultimately achieve more revenue and greater competitiveness in your industry.