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Simplify your sales workflow with the best proposal software solution

Conga’s proposal software saves time for sales and marketing teams, maintains branding, and improves customer response times

The trusted proposal software for all

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Improve your prospects’ experience and spend 80% less time updating documents

Ensure accuracy, speed, and customization for happy customers and engaged prospects. Simplify workflows, reduce errors, and empower users with a seamless, user-friendly interface.

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Send error-free, branded proposals to wow prospects

Eliminate typos and generate beautiful, personalized proposals with a click of a button. Access pre-built templates that make your life easier. Create top-tier proposals that make the best first impression.

Reclaim your time and say goodbye to manual copy-pasting

Revolutionize proposal creation! Ditch the time-consuming copy-paste grind and get your time back to focus on what matters. Save time, reduce errors, and craft winning proposals effortlessly leveraging automated workflows.

Conga proposal generation graphics
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Seamless signatures through robust API capabilities

Elevate your proposals and effortlessly take deals across the finish line with Conga Sign's seamless eSignature and fortified API capabilities. Ensure a safe, secure, and hassle-free path to sealing the deal. 

How to generate proposals in less than 1 minute 

See how easy it is to create a seamless, swift, success-driven proposal with Conga Composer. Watch this short video and witness Conga create a compelling, deal-winning proposal in under 60 seconds!

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Accelerate deal cycles

Give sales teams more time to focus on customers, close bigger deals, and achieve higher win rates.

Drive higher win rates

With automation, give your customers what they need and send proposals in perfect condition.

Maximize revenue

Pull the right pricing and bundle data and configure selections to get the most from every deal.

Streamline data

Utilize CPQ engines alongside proposal automation to optimize the proposal process. 

Revolutionize your proposal process

Connect every dot within your organization, streamline proposals, and make a lasting first impression with Conga Composer. 

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Document generation FAQs

  • Why document generation software?

    Workflow automation software allows you to connect all essential areas of your business that are critical to your success. Bring your revenue lifecycle management together in one system to streamline communication, boost customer satisfaction, and energize your processes. With workflow automation software, you have visibility into each area of your operations, allowing you to automate your critical processes like document generation, quotes, proposals, data gathering, contracts, and more.

  • What types of business processes can be automated with Conga Composer?

    Automating these key documents can help you save your company time and resources, allowing you to increase your win rates and shorten your time to revenue:  

    • Standard reports  
    • Sales proposals  
    • Contracts  
    • Account plans  
    • Project report cards  
    • Invoices  
    • Renewals and business reviews  
  • How can Conga’s document generation software improve my brand awareness?

    Consistent documentation is key in creating brand recognition and building trust with customers. Through automation, you can control template creation and ensure consistent use of your company’s brand in your documents. Fully customized templates allow you to increase volume and scale your document generation as your business grows.   

  • How can automated document generation improve my proposals process?

    Automated document generation allows organizations to produce meaningful business outcomes like increased productivity, integration, visibility, and growth by automating document creation and management workflows. Eliminating manual document tasks can reduce errors and result in better tracking and customer communication, ultimately boosting revenue lifecycle management. 

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