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Seven ways to make your proposals work for you

10 min read

Create top-tier proposals to make the best first impression with Conga. Learn to harness the power of your documents with our guide.

In this download, we'll cover:

How you can accelerate deal timelines
Improving accuracy in each stage of the buyer’s journey
Giving customers a faster, better experience

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Tired of losing deals over little mistakes made on out-of-date templates? Looking polished and consistent is important but often it's these little details that instill doubt in your prospects as your team rushes proposals out the door.  

We developed seven simple ways to take action in your  proposal process to turn those little mistakes into big wins. Check out our guide to learn how to: 

  1. Use document automation technology to your advantage 
  2. Personalize your proposals to make them memorable 
  3. Engage customers from the first impression 
  4. Improve accuracy to build trust 
  5. Close deals faster to boost time to revenue 
  6. Use collaboration tools to unify your team 
  7. Solidify the first step in your customer relationships