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What is Billing?

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Automate your billing with Conga Billing

In the intricate tapestry of revenue management, billing emerges as the backbone that holds the threads together. From a fledgling startup to a multinational enterprise, the billing process serves as the linchpin of financial success and an integral part of the customer experience. In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the depths of billing, exploring its types, components, challenges, and a game-changing solution - Conga Billing. 

Revenue Lifecycle Wheel Manage and Fulfill Quadrant

Billing is the pivotal process of generating payment schedules, sending invoices and collecting payments for products and services rendered to customers. It is the financial handshake that marks the fulfillment of agreements and sets the stage for revenue realization. While seemingly straightforward, billing encompasses various nuances that can significantly impact the financial health of an organization. 


Types of Billing: Diverse Strategies for Revenue Capture  

Billing isn't a one-size-fits-all endeavor; it comes in a variety of forms, each tailored to different business models and customer expectations. At Conga, we recognize the importance of flexibility in billing strategies. Let's explore some key billing types: 

  • Subscription Billing: Perfect for businesses offering recurring services or products, subscription billing automates regular charges, ensuring a steady revenue stream. 
  • One-Time Billing: For standalone purchases or services, one-time billing generates invoices for individual transactions, maintaining simplicity and clarity. 
  • Usage Billing: Particularly relevant in industries like utilities, usage billing calculates charges based on consumption, enabling accurate and fair billing. 
  • Milestone-Based Billing: Projects often involve multiple stages. Milestone-based billing ties payments to project milestones, aligning revenue generation with project progress. 
  • Evergreen Billing: In the era of subscription services, evergreen billing is akin to your Netflix subscription – payments continue indefinitely until canceled. 
  • Custom Billing: Business models vary, and so do billing requirements. Custom billing accommodates unique arrangements, giving businesses the freedom to structure payments according to their needs. 


Billing Components: Unveiling the Moving Parts 

Billing might seem straightforward, but it involves a symphony of components working in harmony. Conga Billing caters to these components with precision: 

  • Billing Schedule Generation: Reflecting the agreed-upon terms in orders and contracts, billing schedules comprise one or more records memorializing the amounts due by period. 
  • Invoicing: The cornerstone of billing, invoicing generates formal requests for payment, detailing the products or services provided and their associated costs. 
  • Approvals and Payment Capture: Efficient approval workflows ensure billing actions are authorized, while integrated secure payment capture safeguards against errors and fraud. 
  • Accounting and Documentation: Beyond invoices, Conga Billing assists in creating and delivering vital billing documents, meticulously tracking transaction histories. 
  • Invoice Aging and Dunning: Avoiding overdue payments is vital. Conga Billing monitors invoice aging and automates dunning processes, ensuring healthy cash flow. 
  • Tax Connector: Navigating the labyrinth of tax regulations can be daunting. Conga Billing's Tax Connector provides a framework for tax calculations and updates, ensuring compliance and accuracy. 


The Billing Process: Navigating the Journey 

Billing isn't a static action; it's a dynamic process that demands careful orchestration. From order fulfillment to payment receipt, each step plays a crucial role: 

  1. Order Fulfillment: Billing begins when an order or contract is successfully fulfilled, marking the moment of service or product delivery. 
  1. Billing Generation: Once fulfillment is confirmed, billing schedules are generated based on the agreed-upon terms and billing types. 
  1. Approval Workflow: Invoices often require approval before being created or sent to customers. This step ensures accuracy and compliance. 
  1. Payment Capture: After approval, payments may be collected through secure channels, contributing to a healthy cash flow. 
  1. Accounting and Documentation: Detailed records of invoices, payments, and transaction histories are maintained for transparent accounting practices. 


Billing Challenges: Navigating Complexity 

The path to streamlined billing is often strewn with challenges, including manual errors, compliance hurdles, and delayed or missed payment collection. These obstacles can hinder revenue generation and customer satisfaction. 


What is Conga Billing? 

Conga Billing emerges as a transformative solution that addresses these challenges and streamlines the billing process as part of the full revenue lifecycle. It's not merely an invoicing system; it's a comprehensive billing schedule generator and invoicing platform. Seamlessly integrated with Conga CPQ and CLM, Conga Billing empowers businesses to perform complex calculations for multiple billing types from a single quote. This integration ensures accurate billing schedules – matching quoted amounts, paving the way for seamless invoicing, payment collection, and revenue recognition. 


Unlocking Billing Excellence with Conga 

Billing is a linchpin of revenue management that demands attention to detail, adaptability, and precision. With Conga Billing, you unlock a solution that seamlessly manages diverse billing scenarios, automates invoicing, ensures compliance with tax regulations, and simplifies approval workflows. Conga Billing isn't just about invoices; it's about optimized revenue management and customer satisfaction. 

Ready to elevate your billing process? Dive into the world of Conga Billing by requesting a demo or exploring our extensive content, including an upcoming eBook covering the end-to-end order-to-cash process. We're committed to revolutionizing your revenue management journey. 

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