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The Role of Automation in Modernizing Sales Proposals

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Macy Degnan
Content Marketing Manager Conga

In today's fiercely competitive marketplace, the proposal and quoting process are pivotal in the sales cycle. Automating these processes not only enhances sales but also fosters enduring customer relationships. Proposals serve as the initial touchpoint with potential clients, profoundly shaping their perception of your brand. Therefore, delivering accurate and professional proposals is paramount for standing out in the market.

To achieve practical proposals, they must meet customer expectations clearly and concisely. Sales teams require efficient tools to swiftly develop and deliver proposals, guiding customers through the sales journey. However, outdated proposal processes often must be revised, leading to challenges such as manual data retrieval, inaccuracies, and delays in obtaining signatures. These hurdles impede proposal creation and delivery and affect accuracy, impacting the overall customer experience and revenue velocity.

In response to these challenges, businesses today seek streamlined solutions that eliminate the headaches of manual processes, allowing proposals to work seamlessly. Companies can automate their procedures by leveraging proposal software, optimizing efficiency, and enhancing sales outcomes.

Automate Proposal Data Retrieval and Increase Accuracy

In manual document generation processes, human errors often occur due to the tedious nature of the task. Employees and teams tasked with developing proposals and quotes must manually retrieve data from multiple sources, increasing the likelihood of errors. This not only consumes valuable time but also compromises the accuracy of the final deliverables, ultimately affecting the customer experience.

Conga's document solutions offer a remedy to this challenge. By leveraging Conga's document automation software, teams can streamline the document generation process, ensuring error-free and accurate proposals and quotes. This software seamlessly pulls data from your system of record. It populates the appropriate sections of your proposal or quote. The result is a more efficient and accurate process, saving time and enhancing the quality of deliverables.


Deliver a Consistent Brand Experience

Sales teams are crucial as brand representatives in every interaction with customers. Each interaction must reflect the brand's identity, including branded proposal templates. Conga Composer provides access to customized templates, ensuring consistency and professionalism. With an automated process, sales reps can easily create personalized proposals that address customer challenges, fostering a positive experience and building relationships.


Send and Sign with Ease

As clients increasingly expect digital processes, paper proposals, and signatures must be updated. Conga equips your teams with modern digital tools to automate proposals, meet customer expectations, and enhance competitiveness.

Conga Sign eliminates signature delays associated with traditional methods. With eSignature, customers can sign documents quickly and efficiently, speeding up the sales cycle. This improves efficiency and security and enhances the overall customer experience. Conga Sign integrates seamlessly with other Conga solutions, further automating and integrating the proposal process, saving time and money.


T-Mobile Enhances Sales Proposal Capabilities with Conga

T-Mobile for Business aims to revolutionize the wireless mobile industry by providing better connectivity for enterprise cell customers. To improve the customer experience, T-Mobile sought to enhance its sales and proposal processes.

One challenge faced by T-Mobile sales representatives was the inability to provide customized promotional pricing offers in written proposals. Implementing Conga Composer addressed this issue, resulting in a 25 percent increase in adoption rate among users, along with significant time and cost savings in proposal generation. The streamlined process also ensured that sales team members only needed to log in to one system, making the proposal generation process easier and more accurate.


Automate Proposals for Improved Efficiency and Sales

Automating the proposal and quoting process is essential for achieving efficiency in the sales process and increasing time to revenue while delivering a great customer experience. With Conga's solutions, creating accurate and branded proposals, tracking their status, and obtaining signatures quicker is simple. An automated proposal solution results in a faster, more precise, and headache-free process, allowing teams to focus on developing customer relationships and selling more effectively.

Whether you're just starting to automate key business processes or ready to take your revenue process to the next level, the Conga Suite can help you create, send, and store important proposal or quote documents so you can focus on what matters most – your business and your customers.

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