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How to get management buy-in for a document automation tool: a complete guide

5 min read

Check out this easy-to-follow toolkit to guide you in your quest toward securing management buy-in for document automation.

In this download, we'll cover:

A guided roadmap for identifying key decision makers and shaping the conversation
A templatized presentation deck to streamline your pitch preparation
A checklist of steps to take prior to meeting with your leadership
Research, resources, and information on Conga’s offerings to help you make the case

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If you’ve made it this far in your quest for a document automation solution, you already know that automating your business-critical documents can help you execute a successful day-to-day strategy by accomplishing more in less time. Technology changes so fast that it can be difficult to keep up, but that also means that there are more solutions available than ever before. As companies struggle to hit goals and impact revenue, many teams may find themselves working longer hours and taking on more work.  

Implementing a document automation solution is a big investment—and company leadership may not fully understand the challenges your team is facing. So how do you get your managers to buy in on document automation?   

Adopting new technology can be daunting because so many processes and people are involved. It takes careful planning and demonstrating the needs of many to the decision makers. Sometimes the hardest part of this process is knowing where to start. That’s why we’ve developed this easy-to-follow toolkit to guide your quest toward management buy-in for document automation.