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Which document generation tool is the best? See the differences between Conga Composer, DocuSign Gen, S-Docs, and PandaDoc to choose the document generation tool for you. 

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Conga Composer is the go-to solution for creating beautiful, accurate digital documents using pre-built or customized templates automatically populated with data from any source. Send consistent and personalized documents that elevate your brand and delight your customers. 

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Handling flexible and advanced use cases

Conga Composer excels at handling a wider variety of use cases than PandaDoc. Whether it’s quickly generating documents in a wide variety of file formats (Word, PDF, PPT, Excel) to being able to send out documents in bulk sends or based on time/event-based triggers, Composer is your go-to for solving any document generation use case for your business. 

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Documents for anyone, data from anywhere

DocuSign Gen is a Salesforce-only tool that only interfaces with other DocuSign solutions. With Conga Composer, you can embed document generation and create a document within any application, portal, or website. Our APIs are much more robust than DocuSign Gen, which allow you to use data from anywhere to generate your needed documents.   

Working where you’re most comfortable

With Conga, you can take full advantage of Microsoft’s templates, features, and functionality. S-Docs does not allow you to utilize the more complex tools and features of Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. Additionally, if you’re already using Microsoft Office templates, you can easily use the existing templates within Conga Composer.  

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No matter your industry, your role, or your use case, Conga Composer makes it easy to quickly generate error-free documents anywhere and automate processes everywhere. Get rid of process roadblocks, eliminate manual work, and remove errors to accelerate business revenue. See how you can simplify your revenue lifecycle management with Conga Composer. 

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