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Streamline the document lifecycle with Conga Composer 

Take a deeper dive into the features that make up our document generation solution

Facets and features

Conga Composer allows you to embed document generation solutions into any website, application, and/or platform, and populate documents with data from any source while sending and saving those documents as needed. 

With automated, on-brand document generation added to your existing workflows, you’ll increase organization productivity, accuracy, and consistency—and provide a seamless customer experience. 

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Document generation

Every step of revenue lifecycle management requires personal, customized documents. This starts with being able to generate a document from a template. Conga Composer provides multiple options for creating the template that will become your beautiful document and getting it ready to progress in the document process.

  • Template Library & Solution Manager 
    • Get ideas for the types of documents you can create in our template library. Use them as-is or modify them to meet your specific needs. Or build completely custom templates and store and manage those templates for use in all your Conga solutions. 
    • Templates are the basis of document generation. Ensuring you have the right formatting and fields in each is key to creating a successful solution. 
  • Quick Starts 
    • Use Quick Starts to get started with Conga Composer solutions right away. Quick Starts allows you to select and deploy pre-built solutions complete with queries, templates, and behavior settings that are already configured. 
    • We’ve taken the work out of creating a template and solution from scratch. Use one of our 10 Quick Start solutions to get up and running in minutes. 
  • Conga Batch
    • Create and send large numbers of documents all at once, reducing repetitive work. 
    •  Many documents, like invoices, need to be sent out to hundreds, or even thousands, of people at once. Run the same Conga Composer solution for multiple records at once or at intervals, either scheduled or on-demand.  
  • Conga Trigger 
    • Boost productivity and automate workflows by creating and delivering documents whenever your business criteria call for them. 
    • Launch individual Conga Composer solutions based on workflow rules, such as renewal date, to automatically create and deliver documents any time, so you don’t have to (and don’t forget to). 
  • RESTful APIs to Embed Document Generation Solutions 
    • APIs enable you to embed document generation anywhere your employees and customers need.  
    • No matter what website, application, portal, and/or platform you’re using, the ability to create a document from where you currently work can be added to your already existing processes. 
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Document accuracy

Ensuring the templates you’ve created are populated with accurate data is essential to the success of the document. Automating document generation removes the manual copying and pasting of data into documents. You’ll always be certain you have the correct information, which avoids costly mistakes and redos. 

Conga Composer product interface
  • RESTful APIs for Data Population From Anywhere 
    • APIs allow you to populate documents with data from any data source.  
    • You don’t store data in one place. Use data from any system of record (including homegrown systems) to populate templates, ensuring completeness and accuracy. 
  • Automatic, Personalized Data Merge
    • Merge data directly into document templates—no copying and pasting needed—in the correct format. 
    • Conga Composer solutions do all the data input for you. This means your documents will be populated with accurate, customized data from any data set every time, including correct currency, date, and locale formatting. 
  • Conditional Generation 
    • Conditionally display sections of a document, group data, and calculate formulas according to business rules. 
    • Within your template, you can change the appearance of your document and the data and information populated in it based on your specified conditions. This further automates the customizations and ensures they are accurate for the recipient.   
  • Live Edit
    • Preview and edit your document before it’s delivered according to the specified method (like email or download). 
    • A double-check on the data that was populated in the document is a must to ensure accuracy. With live edit, you know exactly what is included in the document, and can review it prior to sending or sharing to make changes in your data set if needed. 

Document presentation

How a document looks to the recipient can have a huge impact on what action they take with that document. Ensure your documents are on-brand and free from formatting errors with Conga Composer. This speeds up sales cycles and gives teams time back to work on developing relationships and driving revenue— not spending time on manual paperwork.  

  • Custom Branding 
    • Custom brand the Conga Composer interface with your logo to increase brand consistency and awareness. Or embed Conga Composer in your already existing interfaces for a seamless experience. 
    • The end user of your Conga Composer solution should see your company logo and branding, not Conga’s. This makes your brand stand out and drives trust with the document creator. 
  • File Type Support 
    • Generate documents in multiple template formats, including DOCX, XLSX, PPTX, PDF, and HTML email. 
    • You send documents of all types to your prospects and customers. Having options for formatting means you can use the template that best suits your use case and makes your document look its best.  
  • Send via Link 
    • Emailing large documents as attachments can be an issue for email delivery. Send the document as a link in the email to ensure your recipient receives it.  
    • Attachment sizes for outbound emails are no longer a concern with multiple attachments and large file sizes. This presents your document and your company in the best way possible and speeds up their ability to take action on the document.  
Conga Composer product interface

Document delivery 

Once a document is created and finalized, the next step is to get it to your intended recipient. Conga Composer provides multiple options for sending, signing, and saving documents. You’ll have everything you need to complete every document transaction and drive process efficiency and revenue for your business. 

Conga Composer product interface
  • Email Service Provider Integrations 
    • Send documents via email using Salesforce email, SendGrid, or Amazon SES. 
    • Use the email service provider of your choice to send important documents to your prospects and customers. Take advantage of features and benefits from different email providers for the type and number of documents you need to send.  
  • eSignature 
    • Securely send documents that are ready for electronic signature using Conga Sign (or other eSignature providers). 
    • For many types of documents, the end goal is to have them signed to secure a business transaction. Easily send the personalized document for signature to close the deal. 
  • File Storage 
    • Save a copy in Salesforce, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Box, and Amazon S3. 
    • Keeping a record of the documents created and sent is essential for your business. Automatically save documents in the repository of your choice, making it easy for your team to reference the document when needed. 
  • Notifications, Tracking, and History 
    • Receive real-time engagement notifications when a document has been viewed, including who has viewed it and for how long. 
    • Seeing when a prospect or customer viewed your document is essential for perfect follow-up timing. Knowing who viewed it helps nail down your main contact to progress the document forward.   

How teams use Conga Composer

    • Conga Composer for sales

      Fast, accurate document automation leads to high-speed deal closure. Reduce errors and repetitive work with on-brand quotes, proposals, reporting, and more for consistency across your organization. 

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    • Conga Composer for Sales Operations

      Track deals for accelerated closure and gain visibility into process gaps to better manage your business’ critical documents. Automate your operations workflow to reduce tasks and minimize support. 

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See how Conga Composer can help your team

Documents play a key role in every step of the revenue lifecycle. Chat with our team to learn how you can take manual, paper-heavy processes and turn them into automated, accurate, and beautiful documents. Give teams time back to build relationships with customers and drive revenue for your business.

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