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Conga customers make a difference through our Executive Advisory Board

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Conga launched the Executive Advisory Board (EAB) program to help inform its mid- to long-term strategic vision. This volunteer community of Conga customers comes together quarterly to share their experience and expertise, advise Conga leadership, and drive strategic business outcomes. Conga CEO and Culture Leader, Noel Goggin explains: "We established the Executive Advisory Board to ensure transparency with our customers, gain a deep understanding of their needs, and achieve clarity on our goals. Today, the importance of this board remains unchanged as it continues to guide us in determining what to build, what to buy, and who to partner with to meet our customers' needs, while reinforcing our vision through their valuable perspectives."

This is an open invitation for our members to engage in and put their fingerprints on the things that Conga develops to provide a more usable platform that enables faster end-to-end transformation.

Noel Goggin
CEO and Culture leader

Members of the EAB are chosen from our esteemed customer base and involvement is on a rotational basis. This ensures that the challenges addressed and decisions made can positively impact both the group and the larger Conga community. The board includes C-level executives, EVPs, SVPs, VPs, and heads of departments with focuses in technical/IT, sales, and legal. Geographically, members are spread across the Americas, Europe, and the Asia-Pacific.

A variety of respected and knowledgeable executives oversee the EAB, including sponsors Noel Goggin (Conga CEO), Chris Bishop (Conga CCO), and Grant Peterson (Conga CPO). The EAB is also guided by two advisors, Rob Newnes-Smith and Werner Boeing. Rob is a former Chief Technology Officer for Thomson Reuters with extensive experience executing successful digital transformations in complex, global-scale scenarios. Werner is the former CIO of Roche Diagnostics and has 30+ years of multi-industry leadership and board experience, from automotive and consumer goods to healthcare. He is currently the CEO and co-founder of a digital advisory (evisory GmbH). 

What is the purpose of Conga’s Executive Advisory Board? 

The EAB provides an open forum for members to share feedback and discuss timely, mission-critical topics like compliance, risk, business processes, and operational efficiency. This feedback helps Conga management shape the company’s business strategy, products and services, delivery and implementation, marketing messaging, and more. 

Partnering with the EAB allows Conga to learn from our customers and build deeper, more meaningful relationships. We also gain visibility into our customers’ buying decisions and success metrics, as well as the priorities, challenges, and industry trends that impact their business. With this knowledge, we can identify customer growth inhibitors and unmet needs, to facilitate the development of future products and services. Ultimately, feedback from the EAB is used to determine the demand and potential usage for new initiatives and products, allowing us to validate and refine our roadmap. 

Members of the EAB gain numerous benefits from their partnership with Conga, including the opportunity to network with an exclusive community of industry peers and executives—potentially leading to new business and partnership opportunities. Additionally, members stay up to date with market trends and gain early visibility into Conga’s strategic plans. This insight helps members guide their organizations’ solutions and strategy to better meet their own needs and the needs of their industry. By sharing challenges and solutions with other business leaders, members can take away actionable best practices to be implemented in their own organization. Serving on the EAB allows members to influence Conga’s strategic roadmap and messaging, while also learning from their peers. "Our Executive Advisory Board, consisting of top executives from some of the biggest names in the Fortune 500, is a pre-eminent collection of revenue operation professionals. These industry leaders bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table, working together to transform our business into the leader in revenue lifecycle management." says Conga's Chief Customer Officer Chris Bishop.

There must be a mutual value exchange between the board members and Conga. By sharing ideas, their experience, and driving thought leadership, they help each other and Conga to align on critical strategic initiatives and position us for continued success in the industry.

Chris Bishop
Chief Customer Officer

What does the Executive Advisory Board discuss? 

Each quarterly meeting of the EAB follows a specific themed agenda, to keep the conversation focused and productive. Recent sessions have covered topics like: 

  • Conga product roadmap: Updates on coming releases, path to the open API platform, discussion of how to communicate and visualize roadmaps, demos of new features, and more 
  • Technology upgrades: The importance of upgrading and maintaining current software, understanding why customers don’t upgrade, and developing programs to simplify software updates 
  • Member stories: Challenges EAB members face in their business, innovative ways they use Conga solutions, and understanding business processes across different industries 
  • Conga updates: Corporate news, Conga partner ecosystem, and AI strategy 

EAB meetings frequently include industry thought leaders and speakers from Conga’s strategic global technology partners, who share insights on topics like developing a growth mindset and transformation during economic challenges. 

To learn more about how Conga is making a difference and helping customers accomplish their goals, check out our 'Why Conga' resource center.

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