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We wrote the book on it

Learn why CPQ + CLM complement each other brilliantly and how you can benefit from both.

What is QTC? The 10-step guide 

Move from the opportunity stage to revenue recognition in 10 steps.

Maximize your CPQ + CLM integration 

Easily implement CPQ with other sales process automation tools like CLM.

Benefits of a CPQ + CLM integration 

Streamline sales and contract processes

From quotes to renewals, lower the risk of data inconsistency between quotes and contracts. 

Visibility and control over your sales pipeline

See a unified data model beyond quotes to include pipeline, orders, invoices, billing, and revenue at your fingertips.

A faster time to quote with shorter cycle times means more wins. Plus, get accurate billing forecast upfront. 

Improve customer experience and satisfaction 

Foster improved customer interaction and efficiency without wrangling multiple systems. 

An overview of CPQ 

Watch this short video and take the first step to configuring the perfect quote. 

CLM in action

Your ideal end-to-end contract lifecycle management solution.

Conga CPQ + Conga CLM success

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We’ve achieved great business outcomes from our adoption of Conga’s solutions. I’m very impressed with the benefits we’ve seen across our sales, executive management, and legal teams.

Daniel Feichas
Business Development, Services & Support

Get a CPQ + CLM demo 

See what makes CLM + CPQ the perfect match to streamline and manage your unique revenue lifecycle.

Dive deeper into CPQ, CLM, and reimagining the revenue lifecycle

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