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Easily generate error-free, secure PDFs in a snap

Automate the way you format business documents and streamline your documentation process

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Document automation: generate pixel-perfect PDFs

Organizations generate a variety of documents every day. No matter the tool, pulling accurate information together into a single shareable PDF without compromising quality is essential. With Conga Composer, you can format business-critical documents and streamline your documentation generation process. 

Get it right the first time

 Gone are the days of wasting hours tweaking documents and converting to PDFs. Our solution allows you to create on-brand, error-free, and secure documents that are ready for customers. 

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Bring files and data together

Merge data directly into document templates—no copying and pasting needed—in the correct format. Conga Composer allows you to populate documents with accurate, customized data from anywhere—leaving out guesswork. 

Conga Composer makes it easier and faster to generate pixel perfect documents


Access a variety of pre-built templates, or customize your own, using Conga Composer—and assemble unlimited file formats with your brand and logo. 


Consolidate various file formats and data points into one pixel-perfect PDF. Access your numerous input and output parameters to custom create a pixel-perfect solution. 


Say goodbye to multiple templates and workflows. Whether you are sending, saving, or downloading key documents, simplify the process by automating your deployment. 

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As new projects get up and as people are getting out there and doing their work, they’re going to spend much less time on the administrative aspect and a lot more of their time being effective researchers on the projects that really matter to them. We’ve had researchers who have said that they’ve got their weekends back.

Wojciech Nadachowski
Chief Operating Officer
Autism CRC

Start generating PDFs faster with Conga Composer

Schedule an expert-led demo to learn how you can take manual, time-intensive process of creating PDFs and make it faster and easier for your team. 

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