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Conga's Customer Nominated MVPs!

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Conga employees celebrating
Customer Champion Aware winners 2023

At Conga Connect, we held our annual Customer Champion Awards, and we are proud to announce our winners for 2023, nominated by nonother than our fabulous customers! These incredible Conganeers are living their best lives—the Conga Way. At Conga, customer success isn’t just a buzzword—it’s integral to the way we function as a company. Championing the customer is a pillar of the Conga Way—the framework for what we stand for and everything we do as an organization, from hiring to decision-making and product development. Get to know your winners of 2023, our MVPs: 

Brigitte headshot

Brigitte Creencia 

Position: Customer Success Manager  
Nominated by: Moody’s Analytics 

Brigitte is one of our amazing Customer Success Managers (CSMs). She is a great team player, always understands the business importance and tirelessly works towards improving the customer experience She is highly dedicated to the success of clients and ensures issues are addressed immediately.  

Customers tell us that she always ensures they get the right help where and when they need it. “My calls with Brigitte have been highly productive, she is always on top of things and follows up diligently... I strongly believe she will continue to add value to our partnership. Moody’s appreciates all of her work and we are excited to continue working with her in the future.” 

We would like to take a moment and thank Brigitte for all her help in making each of our customers’ releases a success. 

Vaibhav headshot

Vaibhav Kothari 

Position: Associate Principal Solution Architect, Application Managed Services team  
Nominated by: Salesforce 

Vaibhav is known by our customers as the best point of contact—in short, he knows his stuff. He understands the SF [Salesforce] system and Conga System very well and we always get support from him,” says a Salesforce team member. “Vaibhav has been amazing, going above and beyond to help us with any questions related to Conga CPQ. He has been our main point of contact for the async approvals project and has been actively working with Salesforce and the product team to deliver the project on time and resolve any issues or obstacles. It's been a pleasure working with him, and I hope to do so again in the future.”  

Thank you, Vaibhav for your incredible in-depth product knowledge that helps guide our customers’ in their projects and in achieving their revenue management goals. 

Colton headshot

Colton Lederer 

Position: Principal Sales Engineer, Sales Engineering team  
Nominated by: T-Mobile 

Colton, another one of our incredibly knowledgeable Sales Engineers is described by our customer, T-Mobile as being responsive and offering “brilliant fixes" on multiple projects. He goes above and beyond for our customers and their teams. “Our team has learned a ton, and is successful with Conga products, largely due to his patience and knowledge in assisting me with tricky projects. He is an absolute asset to any team he is on,” says a team member at T-Mobile.  

Thank you, Colton, for your time, dedication, and the brilliant solutions you offer for our customers! 

Andres headshot

Andres Montealegre 

Position: Sr. Principal Sales Engineer, Sales Engineering team  
Nominated by: Pediatrix 

Even in the face of intense customization and business needs, Andres goes above and beyond to ensure Conga products are easily adapted and integrated. “We have been able to leverage his expertise and walk through potential proof of concept, understanding features we have but were not utilizing, and ensuring a scalable solution could be implemented,” says a customer, Pediatrix. 

Andres always takes the time to understand every business case, ask the right questions, and point out potential solutions to fulfill business requirements. “We have successfully been able to bring Andres into our conversations prior to development and with his insight into the Conga products he has provided clarity that allowed us to deploy more advanced processes. As an example, one of the solutions Andres walked through with us allowed us to reduce 15% of our teams' manual work as well as utilize Conga features vs purchasing a separate solution with a different vendor.” 
Thank you, Andres, for your professionalism, attention to detail, personal connection, and making sure our customers and partners feel valued and heard. 

Congratulations to our fellow Conganeers on being true customer champions. We are proud to have you as colleagues and we look forward to seeing all the great work you will continue to do in 2023! 

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